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Fic: Kiss to Make It Better

Media: Fic
Title: Kiss To Make It Better
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: Just over 2800
Summary: For this prompt on the kink-meme. Basically: sexual mishaps (as specified by prompt), followed by compensatory rimming. Seriously, if you don't like rimming? REALLY REALLY don't read this story.

A/N: So, the thing is, I know I'm turning out a whole lot of fic right now, and I'm not even sorry. (Well. Maybe a little bit sorry. Sorry!) Part of the problem is that I feel like my porn is broken, and I keep trying to write straight up filthy-dirty porn and all these feelings keep creeping into it and then a week later I'm like, "Okay, so that didn't work! Today: comically awkward sex!" and then they're all sweet again by the end. And maybe that's some gender normative omg-such-a-girl thing, but I prefer to blame it on Blaine and his "omg you so totally move me" and "we did win, we got each other, baby" because really, Blaine? How dare you be so ridiculous and adorable! And then Kurt just blinks at him like that, and gives him that smile? So, you know, I'm sorry. More romantiporn, is my point.

"Oh. Oh, fuck," Blaine breathes out as his bare cock slips from Kurt's body.

"Yeah. Yeah, put a finger in me," Kurt pants, oblivious.


"What? What is it?"

"It... okay, I'm gonna put a finger in." He pauses, right at Kurt's entrance, not sure what to do.

"Blaine, what's...?"

"Okay, don't freak out."

"Blaine." His tone is even, displeased, and god this sucks, and Blaine's head isn't clear enough to figure this out yet.

"I think I let the condom slip out of my fingers too early."


"And it slipped off. And then it sort of... okay, I'm gonna get it back."

"Get it back? You lost it?" Kurt's voice rises with his hysteria, and Blaine winces.

"Kurt, come on, it can't have gone far."

"Oh my god."

"Just... be still for just a minute."

"Oh my god, I'm going to have to go to the hospital. I'm going to be that tragic guy who has to go to the hospital to get something pulled out of his ass. Blaine, Carole works at the hospital."

"Shhhh, it's okay." Blaine strokes at the side of Kurt's ass and peers at his hole. "I can see... I can still see the lip of it. Just try to relax."

"Um, sure?"

"Just... can you... push out a little bit?"

"Oh my god. Never, ever again," Kurt says.

"Calm down. Calm down, baby, we got this."

"Yeah, I know I've got it. Can you still see it?" Kurt shifts his ass toward the window in some sort of desperate attempt to give Blaine better light.

"Yeah, I - okay, stop, you're making it slip around."

Kurt freezes, his back one tense line, and Blaine knows it's time to get serious. "OK, I'm gonna..."

Blaine slips his finger back into Kurt's ass, and he can feel the ring of the base but, "Damn it, it's so slippery. I think... hold on, it's, like, tucked under..."

"Oh my god, this is not happening."

Blaine pulls back and goes back in with two fingers and hears Kurt hiss in a breath. It's right there, right there, and if he can just spread his two fingers and pinch it... "Okay, got it!"

"Oh thank god," Kurt says, shivering as the condom slithers from his ass. Blaine fumbles it as it's almost all of the way out, it's so damn slippery, but he grabs it and pulls it all the way out, wrapping it in tissue and throwing the damn thing off the bed.

"It's done, all done, it's gone."

Kurt collapses onto his belly, letting his knees straighten and relax, and turns his head to the side. "Okay. Will you - I think I just want to lie here for a minute and let my heart rate come back to normal. Will you get me a washcloth?"

"Wait, did you - Kurt!"

Kurt shakes his head. "No, yeah, I think we're done here."

"No! It was just a minute - I want to get you off."

"Blaine, I've lost it."

He stretches out and strokes along Kurt's hip. "Come on, baby, we can find it again."

Kurt huffs a laugh into the pillow. "That was a truly unfortunate choice of words."

Blaine presses a kiss against the cheek of his ass. "Not wrong though."

Kurt's quiet while Blaine draws a line along the double-curve where his ass turns into his thigh. "I like this, this sweet little curve right here," he says, dragging his index finger along it. "Your ass is just... it's perfect." Blaine presses a line of kisses to follow his finger, from hip to hip. "I don't spend enough time here."

"That's a personal choice, you know."

"Yeah, yeah, I know."

"I'm not complaining. I like fucking you."

"Mmmm. And I like it, too -"

"Obviously," and the smirk is plain in his voice.

"Obviously." He smiles against the cheek of Kurt's ass, then licks back along that curve. "But I do love your ass. Hey, pull up a little bit?"

"Blaine, I -"

"Shhh, pull up. Let me make it up to you. Nothing you don't want, I promise."

"Can you not just blow me or something?"

"I can, if you want, but this isn't something we do often enough, and I don't want to let it go just yet. Is that okay?"

Kurt goes to his knees again, head still pressed into the pillow. Blaine rests behind him and rubs one finger over his hole. "You're all wet."

"I can feel."

Blaine rubs his thumb over his index finger. "Mostly lube, I think, but I think the condom might have, you know. Spilled."

Kurt's quiet.

"Is that okay?"

He takes a deep breath. "I mean, it's not ideal, obviously. But we... I think it's okay, yeah."

Blaine slides his finger back and forth, rubbing gently through the sticky and the slick over the red rim. "I like it. I like you messy. It's... it's really fucking hot, Kurt." His voice is low, gravelly.

Kurt jerks when Blaine's finger slides over a particularly sensitive spot. "Careful. Maybe we should just - " and he starts dropping his hips back to the bed.

Blaine catches him with his forearm, holding his hips into place and murmuring against his ass. "Shh, no. I'm sorry. I'll be so careful. Just stay here." Kurt settles, and Blaine takes back up his stroking with feather-light fingertips. "I can't believe we haven't done this before."

"We have done this before. We did this about half an hour ago, in fact."

"Not like this, we haven't. It's always been... I don't know. Faster."

Kurt hums into his pillow. "Mmm, you're very goal-oriented."

Blaine snorts. "Something like that, sure. But look at what I was missing." He rests the tip of his finger just against Kurt's ass and watches the hole flex around him. "Yeah. I like this."

Later, Blaine won't know what made him do it, what made him decide that simple touch wasn't enough. Maybe it really was an urge to make it up to Kurt, to earn his way back into his good graces, or maybe it was knowing that Kurt was slick and puffy because of him. He's learning that sex is complicated; that when it's good, there's as much urge to give as there is to take, and sometimes, when it's this good, you really can't untangle the two.

For now, though, he moves his finger away and leans down to lick lightly at Kurt's hole.

Kurt breathes out in one long huff of a sigh, so he does it again. Kurt's melting beneath him, just going a little boneless in a series of breaths, his spine curving more as he sags into the bed, so he keeps his tongue gentle, soothing, as he places tiny little kitten licks all around him.

A hitch of Kurt's breath comes out in a tiny moan.


"Yeah. Is it... it's not gross?"

"No. Tastes a little bit like come, actually. The lube is just... there." He lightly runs a fingertip over his hole again, more of a wet slide.

"No, I mean...."

"Yeah, it's fine. You like it?"

"God yeah," Kurt says.

"Good. Is it... does it hurt less than my fingers?"

"Yeah. It just feels good."

"Good. Tell me if that changes," Blaine says, and he leans down for more. He's getting into it now, letting his tongue be a little firmer, trusting Kurt to let him know when it's too much. He makes his tongue broad, laps over the hole in long strokes. Kurt just breathes under him, the inhale starting to go deep and regular again, just shy of panting. It's good - it's so good, because now that the edge is off Blaine can just be here with him, watching and listening to Kurt just take it.

He shifts around, getting his knees under him and bringing his hands up to bracket Kurt's hips, his thumbs pressing white dimples into the cheeks of his ass. "You starting to come back to me now?"

"Don't stop - I mean, unless you want to - but oh god, please do that again," and damn that's good to hear. Kurt's always been a little tentative about his ass - it's some kind of thing for him in a way that it's not quite been for Blaine - and although he seems to like getting fucked, they just don't get here very often. Blaine's always happy, eager to get Kurt inside of him, and they've tended to fall into something of a pattern.

He uses his thumbs to pull, just a little, so he can get to his hole a little easier. He goes easy at first, just more little licks, and then he decides to go for it and tenses his tongue to press at Kurt's hole, just to see if he can more than anything.

Kurt moans out loud, one long press of shaky breath, and so Blaine pulls his tongue back into his mouth to get it wetter and thrusts back out. Kurt pushes back against him, trying to take more of him. Blaine can taste his come mixed in with everything else, with the dark taste of Kurt's ass - clean, always clean, it's part of his thing that he's meticulous about that, but there's really no mistaking what he's doing for anything else - so that all he can think about is that he's licking Kurt clean, licking himself from Kurt's ass. He's starting to get hard again.

He alternates pressing into Kurt's body with his tongue, fucking into him gentle and strong, with those same tiny licks around the edge, flicking at the tender rim as gently as he can. Kurt starts panting, babbling a stream of "please, please, oh fuck that's so-, oh god" and suddenly Kurt shifts, just a little. Blaine pulls away, leaving a gentle finger there to mark his spot, and god, Kurt's given up restraint and has pulled a hand under him to start stroking his dick, long and hard.

"No, don't stop, god, please, please," and Blaine just goes for it - he wants to feel Kurt's ass around his tongue when he comes. He presses his tongue in one long, firm spiral, all around the rim and then in, screwing his tongue into him and then pulling back for sharp stabs. He moves his thumbs closer so he can pull him open wider and buries his face there - closer, he needs to get closer, needs to give him more. Kurt doesn't seem to be hurting, or he doesn't care, because he shoves back hard, and his voice is one long, high-pitched whine. He's close, he can tell that Kurt's so close, and Blaine's not stopping until he's done.

It's hot, it's so fucking hot, and Blaine knows he's drooling everywhere and that he's a little out of control, but he can still taste himself and Kurt on his tongue, and he moans into Kurt's ass with his next thrust, because Kurt's so tight around his tongue and he just wants to feel it, to feel him fall apart with his face right against him, because he's never felt more like they were part of the same thing, more willing to be just a piece of Kurt's pleasure.

The moan is what does it, maybe, because suddenly, yes, Kurt's ass is tightening around him and his hips are shaking and then they're shaking hard, pushing Blaine's face back and away as Kurt rides through his orgasm, pressing his dick into his hand and groaning loud and long. He leans to watch Kurt's face as he finishes coming, his brow creased and his face broken in a sob, flushed and so fucking beautiful, so lost to it.

He pulls up the sheet to wipe his face - they're done for anyway, now that Kurt's come all over them - and it's astonishing how disgusting and wet his cheeks and chin are and how very little he cares. He gently wipes at Kurt's ass, as well, wiping away everything there and then gently patting his ass as Kurt's knees give out and he falls to his side on the bed.

Blaine crawls up to face him, watching him come down. It kind of reminds him of before they were actually fucking, back when they were just starting to fool around and sometimes they didn't have the time or skill or confidence for both of them to come in one night, or their timing was off, or something. The first time he'd blown Kurt he'd come so quickly just from frotting through his pants against his own open palm; he'd been so excited to finally taste him that he hadn't been able to last, and so the aftermath had been a little like this, with his world a little more real after the gloss of his own orgasm had worn off, and a little aware of the wonder of what he could do to Kurt. The sex is better now, sure, but he hadn't even noticed that he kind of missed this, a little, the lucidity of this moment.

Kurt's sprawled everywhere and his face is still flushed, his hair pushed into his eyes from the way his head had ground into the pillow, and when Blaine reaches out to tuck it back into place Kurt's eyes drift open.

Blaine smiles at him and says, "I'm sorry about before."

"What? Oh, whatever." Kurt's quiet for a minute and his brow furrows. "Well, no. Not whatever. Please don't ever do that again, because that was horrifying and potentially scarring. In a number of ways, actually."

"I know. It was a mistake. I wasn't thinking."

Kurt rolls onto his back, and Blaine follows him, shoving a clean corner of sheet over the mess so he can stretch out on top of it. He rests his head on Kurt's shoulder.

They're quiet for a few minutes, until Blaine says, "Maybe we should lose the condoms."


"I don't know. It's... I know there are other reasons to keep using them. Maybe I'm just freaked out, because I don't ever want that to happen again. Plus...."

"Plus you liked your come in my ass." Kurt's voice is dry, lazy; if it's really good he'll get in this loopy Kurt-ish headspace after that's both silly and sardonic, and Blaine loves it when they have time to lie around for the afterglow, because that might be Kurt at his very most lovable.

"God, I really did. Are you sure you're not upset about that part of it?"

"I'm really not. I have no idea why I would be. There's not...?"

"No, of course not! I don't know, it's just... it's complicated, and political, and... wow, I'm really not up for this conversation right now. I'm sorry I brought it up." He puts a hand on Kurt's chest and props his chin there and says, "Now. Can we talk about the rimming?

Kurt closes his eyes and smiles into a little hum. "I don't think I could shut up for a while there; I'm pretty sure I'm on record. How was it to do it?"

He thinks for a minute. "Intense. Dirty, but not like... just really gloriously filthy." Kurt smiles, his eyes still closed. "Intimate," and Kurt opens his eyes at that and looks down at him.

"Yeah. Yeah, I can see that," he says, and drops a kiss on his forehead. "No kissing me until you brush your teeth, though."

Blaine just grins. "Fair enough, but you realize that means I'm using your toothbrush."

Kurt snorts lazily. "You say that like I'm not prepared with a fully-stocked guest closet. Who do you think you're dealing with here?"

Blaine says, "Yeah, I know who you are."
Tags: genre: smut, media: fanfic, rating: nc-17
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