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Double the Pleasure

Media: Fanfic
Author: Agent_girlsname
Title: Double the Pleasure
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Sex toys
Summary: Kurt and Blaine have a very versatile sex life, but eventually there was going to be a time when they both want to bottom... Luckily Blaine has a solution.
Based on this  prompt from Glee_Kink_Meme.
‘Anyone home?’ Blaine called out the second he walked through his front door. He waited a few seconds for a response, but none came. He grinned, he knew from the fact both his parents cars were gone that the house would be empty. And on a Wednesday evening it likely to stay that way till late.

He turned around and grabbed Kurt who had just crossed the doorway into his house, and kissed him hard, smashing their lips together and running his tongue roughly across Kurt’s as they both opened their mouths. Teeth caught lips in playful bites and moans filled the hallway.
It was not a romantic kiss by any means. It was heated and desperate, full of lust and passion, the kiss of two teenagers who were being controlled by their hormones.

Blaine’s hands entwined themselves in Kurt’s hair, tugging softly and eliciting breathless moans from the boy, all the while keeping him in place. Kurt’s hands roamed across Blaine’s back, nails digging in through the thin material of his shirt, and travelled down towards his ass. He gripped the firm muscles tightly and pulled his boyfriend closer.

Blaine groaned into Kurt’s mouth and pulled them towards the staircase, intending to lead them both upstairs but stumbling on the bottom step and landing with Kurt on top of him.

Finally they pulled apart, gasping for air and admiring each other flushed faces.

‘Maybe we should head upstairs.’ Kurt laughed breathlessly. Blaine grinned and nodded, letting Kurt pull him up and keeping their hand entwined so he could pull his boyfriend upstairs. The practically ran to Blaine’s bedroom and slammed the door behind them.

As soon as they were inside Kurt tugged his bow tie free and pulled his sweater and shirt over his head, exposing his chest to the cold air of the room. Blaine was next to him instantly, yanking his shirt off and unbuttoning his pants, tossing them to the other side of the room in his hurry. Kurt grinned and pulled his own pants, gently guiding them over his cock, already half hard from the anticipation.

As he was straightening up from pulling his pants off of his feet and throwing them to the other side of the room with same abandon Blaine had he was knocked off balance, tumbling to the bed with Blaine landing on top of him.

Immediately their mouths sought each other again, tongues entwining and teeth nipping at the swollen flesh again. They both knew that this time was not going to be slow and sweet.

Blaine lay fully on top of Kurt, chest touching chest, groin touching groin and legs entwined. Kurt reached one hand between them as they kissed passionately, wrapping it around both of their cocks and stroking gently. He felt Blaine harden in his hand, against his own cock, and shuddered.

He pushed gently on Blaine’s chest and rolled them over so he was now lying on top. He leant on his elbows; gazing down at Blaine and giving him a look that made the other boy shudder with lust. With a grin he kissed Blaine’s neck, sucking and licking at the sensitive pulse point and nipping at his jaw.

He made his way down Blaine’s chest, peppering light kisses on the way and stopping at his right nipple to take it into his mouth. Blaine gasped and moaned loudly, bucking his hips as Kurt bit lightly at the hard nub.

‘Fuck, Kurt!’ Blaine moaned.

Kurt grinned and paid the same attention to the other nipple, keeping his fingers on the other to keep it hard and sensitive. Finally he moved on, kissing the gentle flesh of his stomach and dipping his tongue in Blaine’s belly button, making Blaine giggle at the ticklish sensation.

Finally he reached his goal, hard and leaking against a soft patch of dark hair. Kurt licked his lips, noticing the way Blaine shuddered when he did, and leaned down to take Blaine’s cock into his mouth.

It had taken him a few tries to get used to the taste and sensation of the other boys cock, but now he was used to it he really rather liked it. It was warm and heavy in his mouth, sometimes he could even feel the pulse throbbing against his tongue. The head was so smooth and soft he sometimes couldn’t help but to run his tongue over it again and again, not that Blaine seemed to mind in the least.

The taste was like nothing he had ever experienced before. Warm and salty, but not like he had expected. He could only describe the taste was Blaine. 

He wrapped one hand around the base of Blaine’s cock, something he had learned very early on to stop himself from going too far at once and chocking, and sucked hard on the smooth head, tasting precum already.

Blaine moaned and gripped the sheets tightly. He could feel pleasure coil tightly in his stomach already and willed himself to calm down a little. He didn’t want it to be over too soon, and he really didn’t want to come in Kurt’s mouth without being able to warn him again.

After a few minutes of sucking and stroking Kurt pulled away, his lips leaving Blaine’s cock with a loud pop. Slowly he crawled back up Blaine’s body, stopping when they were eye to eye and leaning down to whisper huskily into his ear.

‘I can’t wait for you to fuck me.’

Blaine paused for a moment and Kurt wondered if he had done something wrong.

‘I thought you were going to fuck me.’ Blaine said eventually.


‘I need your cock.’ Blaine moaned, shifting his hips, ‘I really need to be fucked tonight.’ The way he was sprawled beneath him, legs spread and cock hard and leaking, Kurt believed him. He sighed and slumped down next to Blaine.

‘I really wanted to be fucked tonight.’ He groaned. He had an almost overwhelming need to have something inside him, being on top just wouldn’t work tonight.

Most of the time they were pretty versatile, too horny to care what position they were in as long as they were getting off and happy to swap position whenever the other wanted. But it was inevitable that soon or later they would reach a stalemate.

‘What are we going to do?’ Blaine said, reaching over and stroking Kurt’s cock, spreading precum along the length.

‘I don’t know.’ Kurt said, returning the gesture and fondling Blaine’s balls.

‘Wait!’ Blaine’s face lit up in a mischievous grin. He rolled over and reached under the bed, pulling out a box. ‘Don’t laugh, but I think this could work.’

Kurt looked at the box and snorted.

‘A double ended dildo, really?’ He grinned. ‘How do you even have one of those?’

‘Christmas present.’ Blaine shrugged. ‘Be thankful you don’t have an older brother who buys you these things and makes sure you open them in front of your grandparents.’

Kurt laughed. ‘No, I can’t imagine Finn ever buying me anything like this... Puck probably would though. For my last birthday he bought me Soccer boys 3.’

Blaine chuckled and took the dildo from the box and lay it between them. ‘So... do you want to try it?’

Kurt thought for a moment. Each end of the dildo was no bigger than Blaine was, it wouldn’t be too different. And it would mean that he would get fucked, which is all he wanted at that moment.

‘Ok.’ Kurt grinned, watching Blaine’s face light up.

The dildo was placed between them on the bed as Blaine retrieved the lube. They sat in front of each other, legs over lapping and close enough so their cocks were touching and they could kiss. Blaine covered one of Kurt’s hands and then one of his own in lube. He reached forwards, stroking lightly over Kurt’s cock before reaching down and finding his hole. He circled the puckered flesh gently before pressing one finger firmly inside, feeling Kurt shudder against him.

Kurt followed his actions, slowly fingering Blaine as Blaine fingered him. He leaned forward slightly to kiss his boyfriend, dragging his tongue over Blaine’s swollen lips and felt the vibrations as Blaine moaned deeply.

With his other hand Kurt began stroking Blaine’s cock, spreading the precum along his shaft and stroking his fingers softly over his balls. Blaine reached his free hand up to grab the back of Kurt’s head and keeps him in place as he deepened the kiss, thrusting his tongue into Kurt’s mouth in time with his fingers thrusting into Kurt’s ass.

Kurt was happy at that stage to keep doing that until they both came but suddenly Blaine pulled away, sliding his fingers from Kurt’s ass and pulling Kurt’s hand away from his own.

‘Anymore of that and we’ll finish before we’ve started.’ He grinned; taking Kurt’s flushed cheeks and mussed up hair, loving how beautiful his boyfriend was during sex. ‘Anyway, I think we’re both ready.’

Kurt nodded and licked his lips subconsciously. Blaine picked up the toy from the bed and covered both ends of it in plenty of lube. He made a show of fingering the fine veins running along the silicone and making a fist around the head of one end.

‘Let me?’ Kurt said, reaching a hand for the toy before he even realise he had spoken. Blaine look pleasantly surprised at Kurt’s boldness and eagerly handed over the toy.

‘Lay back.’ Kurt instructed, his voice low and husky, the way it always did when he was turned on. Blaine complied instantly, laying back against his pillows but supporting himself on his elbows so he could watch.

Kurt spread a little more lube on one end of the dildo and spread it around before bringing it down to rest against Blaine’s hole.
‘Are you ready?’ He asked. He knew he was, he had been stretching the tight ring of muscle just moments ago and had felt how ready his boyfriend was. But he wanted to hear it.

‘Oh I’m ready Kurt.’ Blaine grinned. Kurt smiled back and gently pressed the head of the dildo into Blaine.

Blaine groaned and dropped his head back, eyes rolling into the back of his head.

‘Fuuuck.’ He moaned. The toy didn’t feel any different to Kurt, it was maybe a bit smaller, and truthfully he missed his boyfriend’s warm weight between his thighs as he entered him. But was different and exciting.

Kurt slowly eased the toy deep into Blaine, watching his face carefully. He was usually too overwhelmed by the tightness surrounding his cock to truly take in the beauty that was Blaine’s face during this moment.

When the toy was completely in Blaine he waited until his boyfriend relaxed and adjusted to being stretched. When Blaine gave the subtle nod that he was ready Kurt began to fuck him, pulling the toy almost all the way out before thrusting it back into him hard.

Blaine grunted and groaned, wrapping one hand around his cock and panting as Kurt fucked him hard. He could feel pleasure coiling in his stomach but suddenly his hand was slapped away.

‘What were you saying about finishing before we’ve even begun?’ Kurt teased. Blaine laughed and nodded.

‘You’re right. It’s your turn now.’ Blaine growled. Kurt shivered and leant back on the bed, shuffling closer to Blaine and spreading his legs.
Blaine sat up, hissing as the toy moved inside of him, and laid his legs over Kurt’s so their groins were almost touching. He poured a little more lube on the end of the toy that was half inside of him and pressed it against Kurt’s hole, imitating what his boyfriend had done for him a few moments ago.

Kurt moaned and dug his fingered into the sheets, spreading his legs wider. As he shifted Blaine could feel the toy move inside of him. It felt amazing to feel connected to Kurt in a whole different way.  

As soon as the toy was fully inside Kurt he realised there was not enough of it left between them to grab hold of. His original plan had been to thrust it between them, pulling out of one while simultaneously pushing into the other.

Kurt immediately found the answer to their quandary by rolling his hips. Blaine gasped and bucked his hips as it brushed over his prostate. The sudden movement caused Kurt to moan, his jaw going slack at the sensation.

The both looked at each other, realising at the same time how this could work. Whenever one moved it moved the toy in the other. Blaine grinned wickedly and rolled his hips.

‘Oh fuck!’ Kurt gasped, looking down at the toy between them. There was barely any space between their ass cheeks and only a small bit of the toy wasn’t buried deep within them. They were so close that every time Blaine rolled his hips forward their balls rubbed against each other.
Their cocks were lying against their stomachs and Kurt reached one hand to stroke Blaine cock while his other stroked his own. Precum was leaking heavily from both of them and his stroking was easily lubricated.

‘Oh my God.’ Blaine panted as he rolled his hips in quick, sharp motions. Ever movement was pressing the toy firmly against his prostate and from the look on Kurt’s face it was doing the same to him as well.

Kurt brought his hands together so that he could rub their cocks together, using both hands to stroke them firmly.

Grunts and groans filled the room as both boys worked to simultaneously get them both off. They knew they were not going to last long.
Blaine shifted his hips so he was closer to Kurt, so close now that there was no space left between them. It was an awkward angle but he managed it so that they were rubbing off on each other. He imagined, if they were both girls, it would be called scissoring. Something he had learned from a lesbian porn film his brother had tried to get him to watch before he had come out.

Kurt seemed to tip over the edge first, his hand moving frantically over their cocks and thrusting his hips to keep up with Blaine. Every single trust was pressing the toy onto his prostate and he could feel electricity running through his entire body.

With a shout he came, spurting over his hand, Blaine’s cock and over the toy beneath them.

Blaine followed almost instantly afterwards, his hips stuttering as he tried to maintain the rhythm as he came, grunting and moaning loudly as his come joined Kurt’s.

They both fell backwards onto the bed, keeping their legs entwined and asses touching. Small, gentle movements of the toy inside him told Blaine that Kurt was still clenching around his end of the toy. He shuddered as he recalled how that felt around his own cock.

A few minutes passed as they collected their senses. Kurt sat up first, moaning almost lewdly as the toy shifted in him, and set about removing it from both of them.

‘Well, I’d say that was a success.’ He smiled, lying next to Blaine and wrapping his arms around him.

‘Oh yes.’ Blaine grinned, placing a kiss on Kurt’s sweat-damp forehead. ‘Definitely the way to go if we both want to bottom again.’

‘What if we both want to top?’ Kurt frowned. Blaine just shrugged.

‘I guess we’ll figure that own when the time comes.’

‘Ok.’ Kurt smiled, closing his eyes and enjoying the blissful afterglow and the warmth of his boyfriend’s arms.

After a few minutes he felt the bed shift as Blaine reached for his phone. He opened one eye and saw him texting.

‘Who are you texting?’ He mumbled, sleep was beginning to creep up on him.

‘My brother.’ Blaine winked. ‘I need to thank him for my Christmas present.’

Tags: authors/artists: a, genre: smut, length: one-shot, rating: nc-17
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