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Fic: Hello (1/1)

Media: Fic
Title: Hello
Author: slayerkitty
Characters/Pairings: Klaine
Genre: AU, Romance, Supernatural
Warnings: Age difference, Slightly Obsessed!Blaine, Vampire!Blaine/Human!Kurt, Vague allusions to blood drinking (if you squint)
Rating: PG
Spoilers: 5.20 to be safe, though this is completely AU.
Word Count: 1,318
Disclaimer: Glee and its characters are not mine. I'm just playing with them. The songs are not mine either.
Summary: Kurt Hummel was five years old the first time he saw a vampire.

Author’s Note: So this fic came to me while I was in the shower (I don't even know) and was further helped along by the prompt on the Klaine Writers Tumblr for this week.

So many, many thanks echoing_seas for being my beta on this.

Kurt Hummel was five years old the first time he saw a vampire.

Not that he knew it at the time. He was too busy crying for his mother, scared out of his mind because he’d nearly gotten hit by a car while crossing the street. Firm but gentle hands had saved him, setting him down on the sidewalk as he wailed in terror.

“Kurt!” he’d heard his mom shriek.

“Mommy!” he’d screamed back.

The man who’d saved him glanced at Kurt's mother, was dashing across the street as fast as she could, brushing through the onlookers that had suddenly gathered. Kurt turned toward her and in a blink the man who saved him was gone.

Kurt never forgot that day or the man’s face. He’d never seen eyes like that before.

From then on, it seemed that Kurt lived a charmed life. His father’s business, a car garage, practically exploded with business. When he was eight his mother was rescued by an anonymous someone just after a serious car accident. When he was sixteen (and being terrorized by his classmates at school) an anonymous donor had granted him a scholarship which allowed him to enroll at Dalton Academy, so he could enjoy their zero tolerance policy.

The Great Reckoning occurred during this time, the vampires coming forth and admitting their existence. Once he'd seen the news of their existence on his TV, Kurt had developed a bit of an addiction to anything vampire related. Their leader was none other than the man who’d saved him all those years ago, Blaine Anderson. Kurt knew it was him because no one else had eyes like that. Not even the other vampires. Kurt pretty much stalked all the news articles and videos he could, falling a little more in love with Blaine with everyone he came across.

It wasn’t until then that Kurt put the pieces together; things had gone too well for his family over the years. His father’s shop with its high end clientele, who claimed they were referred by a friend. His mother’s accident where she’d walked away with barely a scratch on her, after witnesses had described her rescue by a dark haired man who seemed to move too fast to be real. The donor who'd given him the scholarship just when Kurt had needed it. And those were just the instances Kurt could name. He often wondered if there were others he was unaware of.

Because of that, Kurt was pretty sure that Blaine had never forgotten him either. He didn’t know how that thought made him feel. He spent weeks looking over his shoulder after The Great Reckoning, wondering if he could catch a glimpse of the golden eyed man who haunted his thoughts. Kurt had no idea what he’d even say to him if they did meet face to face.

Finally, Kurt sat down and did some research, looking at websites that would hopefully tell him if he was just imagining all of these things being attributed to Blaine. Maybe he and his family just had really good luck or Karma had smiled on them.

He started with Google, trying not to get distracted when Twilight was the first search hit returned. He refined his search to real vampires, vampire rights, even vampire sightings. Kurt read about vampires becoming obsessed with humans, snatching them off the streets. He shivered at the thought but kept reading. By the end of his research, he’d discovered that most vampire covens had rules about mating with humans, and Blaine’s coven was among them. Blaine’s coven had rules that prevented the taking of human mates until the human in question was eighteen. He would have doubted it all, but there was even a bill before Congress to make those rules into vampire laws.

Either way, Kurt still had a year to go before that happened.

If that happened.

Kurt could barely think about it, his face turning red. He wondered if Blaine could see him now, if he would know what Kurt was thinking about. He hoped not.

It probably should have freaked him out, the idea that his entire life was being tracked in some way by a vampire, but it didn’t. It made him feel safe. After all, Blaine had never once harmed him – Blaine had saved his life after all.

Now that he knew he had at least a year before Blaine would even approach him (if he ever did), Kurt tried to do things to express his interest. He would leave his window open a crack at night, a flower resting on the sill. It was always gone in the morning, which made Kurt smile.

He stopped wearing so many layers, being sure to wear things that let his neck show (sure, maybe he was being stereotypical, but he liked the idea of Blaine having a neck fetish).
It was silly, but he liked the idea that he was getting to know Blaine even though they didn’t have contact in person. He even left his college applications by the window one night, face up and spread out, so Blaine could see where he wanted to go to school. He wasn’t stupid – he knew that being Blaine’s would eventually mean being turned, but he was determined to live his life first.


Time passed. He auditioned for NYADA and got in (though part of him would always wonder if it was on his merit or if Blaine had something to do with it, a thought he tried not to dwell on), he spent time with his friends (though they had no idea Blaine existed), and waited patiently for his eighteenth birthday.

Finally, the day had arrived. He suffered through a full day of celebrating with his friends and family, anxious the whole time for nightfall to arrive. He had a plan, a hope that Blaine would finally come forward and he couldn’t wait to put it into motion.

Kurt took a deep breath has he left his house just before nightfall. His parents thought he was just going out with friends (he didn’t plan on filling them in about Blaine unless he had to) but he actually headed for the Lima Bean. The Lima Bean was a local, twenty four hour coffee shop he’d started frequenting since The Great Reckoning. Vampires would often come in after dark and get blood laced coffee or spend time hanging out. Kurt spent time there because it was a safe place to be out after dark where Blaine would be able to watch him.
He pulled up and parked the car in the parking lot of the shop, his heart thrumming in his chest. Night had just fallen.

This was it.

Please let this be it.

Kurt went inside, ordering a grande nofat mocha and then he sat down in a chair that faced the door and waited.

He didn’t have to wait long. Moments later, Blaine walked inside, his eyes on Kurt and an almost embarrassed smile on his face. He held a red rose in his hands. Kurt didn’t move as Blaine walked toward him. He could hardly even breathe.

Blaine sat down across from him and Kurt met his gaze, unable to look away once their eyes locked. The rose was set on the table in front of him, the fragrant scent reaching his nose. Kurt didn’t pay attention to it though, unable to look away from Blaine and Blaine’s eyes, the ones that had been in his dreams at night.

“Hello, Kurt,” Blaine’s melodic voice reached his ears and Kurt nearly shivered. A blush crossed his cheeks. He finally looked down and picked up the rose in one hand. His other one he set on the table, palm up in invitation. Blaine smiled and placed his hand gently in Kurt’s.

“Hello, Blaine,” he replied softly.

Tags: authors/artists: s, genre: au, genre: romance, length: one-shot, media: fic, rating: pg
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