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Fic: Now's Your Chance (9/?)

Media: Fic
Verse: Chance Verse
Title: Now's Your Chance
Author: slayerkitty
Characters/Pairings: Klaine, Background Finchel, Cooper Anderson, The Anderson Family, Various Misc Canon Characters Through Season 4 (including Chandler, Adam and Sebastian).
Genre: AU, Romance, Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: Meta (Lots of it), Inaccuracies with regards to film/television industry, Inaccuracies with living in New York, Infidelity (not Kurt or Blaine)
Rating: NC-17 (Overall)
Spoilers: 5.02
Word Count: This Chapter: 2,286/Total: 34,989(so far)
Disclaimer: Glee and its characters are not mine. I'm just playing with them. The songs are not mine either.
Summary: The perfect dream. The perfect life. Or what happens when Kurt and Blaine realize that everyday life continues once your dreams come true.

Author’s Note: So this is the third story in the "Chance" series. You'll need to have read An Accidental Chance and Chances Are for this one to make any sense. For a long time, I said that I was done with this verse. I had burned myself out and wasn't sure I wanted to come back to it, no matter how much I love it. Finally, after much discussion with my betas and an itch to write something, I decided that was going to come back here, to finish out Kurt and Blaine's story in this verse. I mean, Cooper Anderson didn't even exist when I started writing these!! :D

There's a lot(I mean A LOT)of meta here. Fandom tropes, in jokes, and real life cast member events may be twisted to suit my purposes for this fic (except for what happened with Cory. That will not happen in any way in this verse and Finn is very much alive, if in the background, for those that need that warning). As a whole, it's largely an AU of season four. Warnings and ratings may vary by chapter.

If you want progress updates, or want to leave me a prompt for this verse, my tumblr is here. I am tentatively accepting prompts again, so hit me up!

So many, many thanks to imaginentertain, star55 and echoing_seas for being my betas on this, including imaginentertain betaing right in my living room while she was on vacation. You gals are the best. <3

Previous Chapters:1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

“I have bad news,” Kurt told Blaine, walking into their bedroom where Blaine was sprawled on the bed.

“Your dad?” Blaine asked, leaning his head up to look at Kurt, concern on his face.

“No, he’s fine,” Kurt replied. “Doing well or so he keeps telling me.”

“That’s good,” Blaine agreed. “So….”

“Miss July scheduled my midterm for next Monday,” Kurt said.

“Okay,” Blaine drew out the word before continuing. “Wait, that means…” Blaine trailed off, looking sad.

“I won’t be able to go to the Golden Globes with you,” Kurt finished. “It sucks.”

“Did you ask her if you could move it?” Blaine asked.

“Of course I did,” Kurt answered. “But you know how she is – that just made her more upset because apparently asking to reschedule says that I’m not ‘committed to the art,’ so now I have to go to extra practice. There’s no way we'd be back in time and I really wanted to go.” He pouted.

“There’ll be other events, Kurt,” Blaine pointed out as Kurt sighed. “And,” Blaine caught Kurt’s gaze, “Technically, I don’t have to go either.”

“Yes, you do, Blaine. You’re promoting a new show. Julie would kill both of us if you cancelled.” Kurt lay down on the bed next to Blaine. “Did you see if you can come to Mr. Schue’s wedding with me?”

The invitation to his former choir teacher’s wedding had come a few weeks ago and Blaine had been trying to get the time off to go, or so he’d told Kurt. Kurt really wasn’t sure what all that had entailed, but Blaine was once able to hop a flight to Ohio after Kurt had been assaulted by a bully, so surely he could the time off for the wedding.

“It’s a no go,” Blaine told him. “We’re filming on location that day.”

Kurt groaned. “You’re kidding.”

“I wish I was,” Blaine said. “The one time all month we’re on location, and it’s during the wedding. I’m sorry.”

“Being a grown up sucks,” Kurt muttered. He sighed. “We’re going to be apart on Valentine’s Day. Again.”

“It’s just a holiday, Kurt,” Blaine reminded him.

“I know. I just… just once I’d like us to be able to spend it together.”

“Me too,” Blaine murmured. “But I’m just going to focus on it like it’s an ordinary day – otherwise I’ll be sad and miss you too much. Maybe we can celebrate before you go?”

“That’s probably a good plan,” Kurt agreed lightly. “But,” he sighed, “I’ll have romance shoved in my face all day.” He rolled toward Blaine. “You could take Cooper to the Globes,” he suggested.

“Maybe.” Blaine considered the idea. “But I’d wish it was you the whole time.”

“Same here – dancing at the wedding won’t be the same without you.”

“Just don’t get swept away by some guy and forget about me,” Blaine teased, smiling.

Kurt smiled back. “Never gonna happen. I’ll save my dances just for you when I get back.”
Blaine grinned, kissing Kurt chastely on the lips. “It’s a date.”


Hiatus sucks.

THIS. I need new episodes. I need my Joby back. I need for James not to have cheated on Toby with Edward and I need for my life to start making sense again.

I’m still crying over that last new episode. They’ve ruined Joby. RUINED IT.

I still can’t believe they had James do something so out of character. Toby I could believe, but not James.

At least Sebastian is back now! Now Toby and James can work out what happened while he was gone and it can be like it never happened because THAT SHIT NEVER HAPPENED OKAY. #denial is not just a river in Egypt

I just need new music. I can’t function without Blaine’s dulcet tones in my ears and I’m so tired of the songs I have.

Hiatus cannot be over fast enough.


“I can’t feel my arms or my legs,” Kurt panted, spread out on the floor of the dance studio.

“That just means you did it right,” Adam’s voice reached his ears, but Kurt couldn’t be bothered to turn his head. He could hardly catch his breath, let alone move his head. “If Cassie isn’t impressed, I’ll eat my hat.”

Kurt took a deep breath. “I don’t recommend that – digesting that fabric would be hell.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Adam replied, winking. Kurt blinked for a second, but decided to ignore it.

Adam sprawled out next to him on the floor, his hands resting under his head. “Have you given any more thought to what I said earlier?”

“About joining the Apples?” Kurt asked and Adam nodded. “I’ve just got so much on my plate right now.”

“You could always at least hear us sing,” Adam suggested.

“I could do that,” Kurt agreed. “Just as soon as I nail that last pique turn. This midterm is half my grade and I don’t want Cassie going off on me like she did Rachel.”

“All right then,” Adam smiled. “Up you go.”

“Can we wait for the feeling to return to my feet first?”


Cooper’s Inspirational Tweet of the Day: How will they know that you mean the emotion in your voice if you don’t point when you say it?


Good luck to @BlaineAnderson and the rest of the cast of Dalton!



“You too, Leslie!” Cooper called. He pointed at her. “Stay beautiful!”

Blaine just shook his head, staring at his brother. He hadn’t followed any of Cooper’s Sage Advice for Speaking to Reporters on the Red Carpet (“The title of my first self-help book for actors, squirt,”), and he was sure Cooper was about to lecture him about it.

“Blainey, have you learned nothing from me?” Cooper said, coming up and putting an arm around Blaine’s shoulders as they headed inside to find their table with the rest of the New York Life and Dalton cast. Dalton was up for an award and Blaine hoped they’d win.

“Sorry, Cooper. I just miss Kurt and can’t focus,” Blaine replied, hoping the excuse would work. Of course he missed Kurt, but that had nothing to do with his refusal to take Cooper’s ridiculous advice.

“You two are super cute together,” Cooper agreed. “It’s a shame he couldn’t come.”

“He’s got a midterm,” Blaine reminded him. “I’ll text him before the show starts.” They slipped into their seats and Blaine smiled, actually glad that he was getting to spend time with Cooper. He’d spent so long being mad at Cooper for existing that it was actually kind of nice getting to know him better. “Thanks, by the way.”

“For what?” Cooper asked, turning back from where he was waving at Sandra Bullock.

“Coming with me,” Blaine told him.

“Anytime, little bro, anytime.” The lights dimmed and Blaine took a second to shoot off a text to Kurt.

Wish Dalton luck! Show getting ready to start.


Kurt couldn’t stop laughing. Watching the Apples’ rendition of “Baby Got Back” was both amazing and hysterical at the same time. He tried hard to steel himself as Adam took him over to the group, introducing him around.

“Oh, wow,” one guy piped up. “I remember you. You had that amazing song in Madame Tibideaux’s class at the beginning of the semester.”

“Thanks,” Kurt replied, blushing.

“You have to join,” the guy continued. “We could so use someone like you.”

“I’m thinking about it,” Kurt hedged. His phone vibrated in his pocket, but he ignored it. It was relaxing, talking with Adam and his friends. He didn’t have to worry that he might accidentally say the wrong thing and cause a fight. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to talk to Blaine, of course he did, but he didn’t need any more stress right then. Adam and his friends talked Kurt into going out to dinner and to a late movie, and it was after two in the morning before he finally made it back home.

Kurt practically fell into bed, slipping off his jeans and shirt. He pulled one of Blaine’s ratty t-shirts out of the drawer and pulled it on over his underwear. It smelled like Blaine and he was too tired to be bothered with finding “real” pajamas. He put his phone on the bedside table and only then remembered he’d had a message earlier.

Kurt unlocked his phone with a sigh and saw it was from Blaine. He opened it and scanned it quickly, before sending back a text.

Sorry, was out with Adam. Hope it went well. <3

Then he fell into a dreamless sleep.


Brothers Blaine and Cooper Anderson attend the Golden Globes (X)



How does Kurt stand seeing them in the same room together? #look at all the pretty

So bummed that Kurt didn’t go with Blaine to the Globes! Hope he’s okay.

They don’t have to go everywhere together you know.

Obviously, but they usually do.

I swear to God, if this becomes another discussion about Blaine and Kurt being co-dependent, I’m going to scream.

Well, they are.

Oh please, just… stop. They’re in love, they are not co-dependent. They had a LDR for like two years before they moved in together. It’s only natural they’d want to see each other as much as they can.

WHO STARTED THE WANK ON MY POST? #can’t we all just get along #look at the pretty boys and smile #take a long shower *wink wink nudge nudge*


Blaine frowned, checking the time on his watch. It was getting late and the after party was boring. Dalton hadn’t won (a bitter, bitter loss to Modern Family) and he was more than ready to go back to his and Cooper’s hotel and crash. He would have hopped a flight home to Kurt right then, but he was already scheduled out mid-morning with no way to get on an earlier flight (he'd checked) and he figured sleep was probably more important at the moment.

Cooper was having the time of his life, from what Blaine could see. He had a crowd of ladies around him, appearing to hang on every word. Blaine hated to interrupt him, but he was more than ready to go.

“Excuse me,” Blaine said, moving his way into the group next to Cooper.

“Ladies, ladies,” Cooper continued. “This is my baby brother, Blaine,” he said, sounding a little tipsy. “Isn’t he the cutest?”

The women cooed at him and Blaine flushed red. “Um,” he started softly, “I hate to break up the party, but I’m ready to go if you are.”

Cooper glanced at him and Blaine could see that he wasn’t ready to go yet.

“Or I could send the car back for you?” Blaine suggested.

“You’re the best brother in the whole world,” Cooper said, hugging him tightly. Blaine patted Cooper lightly on the shoulder and then stepped back.

He headed for the door, waving his goodbyes and pit stopping to thank the host on his way out.

Blaine had just reached the parking lot when someone called his name.

“Sebastian?” He questioned, surprised. He’d hardly seen Sebastian all night.

“My limo has a flat and the driver said the service can't send another one for hours,” Sebastian said, coming to a stop in front of him. “We’re both staying at the same hotel – any chance I can get a lift?”

Blaine sighed. He didn’t want to ride anywhere with Sebastian, let alone back to the hotel with him, but he couldn’t quite bring himself to be a dick.

“Fine,” Blaine murmured. “Keep your hands to yourself.”

Sebastian raised his arms up in a suggestion of innocence and Blaine gestured for him to slide into the limo. He followed and the driver shut the door, coming around and getting in himself.

They set off through the streets of Los Angeles, neither of them speaking. Blaine’s phone vibrated in his pocket and he pulled it out. He saw the text from Kurt and frowned.

Why was Kurt going out with Adam the night before his midterm?

“Trouble in paradise?” Sebastian asked, and Blaine glanced up.

“Nope! Kurt’s amazing.” Blaine replied with fake cheer. He hoped that Sebastian couldn’t tell. He debated sending a text complaining about Sebastian but decided not to. He kept it vague instead and then put away his phone. He’d call Kurt in the morning and give him the rundown of the show.

This trip is not what I thought it would be. Miss you. xo.


Which two stars of a popular TV show were seen leaving the Golden Globes together and arriving at a hotel together the same night?

If you guessed Sebastian Smythe and Blaine Anderson, you’d be correct.


What the actual fuck?

But he went to the Globes with Cooper.

I don’t understand anything – why would he go back to the hotel with Sebastian?

Why would he indeed? ;)

OMG, the Andersmythe fandom is salivating over this.

They know it’s bullshit, right? There’s no fucking way Blaine and Sebastian are fucking.

I’m sure it’s nothing. They’re friends and castmates. They’re allowed to hang out. People read too much into things and see what they wanna see. #wank

Oh, God, what is Kurt going to say when he sees the pics?

You’re assuming he doesn’t already know. I’m sure he does. I’m sure it’s fine.

This entire fandom is filled with drama queens. We all just need to stay calm and ship our boys. There’s nothing to worry about. :)


When Kurt woke up the next morning, it was to a text from Blaine and a fandom meltdown over pictures of Blaine and Sebastian heading into the hotel.

He knew they were staying in the same hotel. He knew it was nothing. He knew he needed to put it out of his head and focus on his midterm in an hour. He knew he needed to do well and not worry because everything was fine.

He failed.
Tags: authors/artists: s, genre: angst, genre: au, genre: romance, length: multi-part, length: series, media: fic, rating: r
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