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Fic: Snapped (One-Shot)

Media: Fic
Title: Snapped
Author: slayerkitty
Genre: AU, Action, Angst
Rating: R
Warnings: A LOT OF TRIGGERS, OKAY? Violence, Guns, School Shootings
Spoilers: Through 2.10 AVGC
Characters: Blaine/Kurt, One sided Kurtofsky, other misc characters
Disclaimer: Glee and it's characters are not mine, no matter how much I enjoy playing with them. :)
Summary: Karofsky just snaps.
Author's Note: For this prompt on the glee_angst_meme. I've never written anything quite like this before, so I hope it turned out okay. I'd already had a similar plot idea and I saw this on the meme and couldn't get it out of my head, so I had to write it.

“Hey, you.” Kurt comes to a stop next to Blaine, who's leaning against the railing at the bottom of the stairwell, waiting for him.

“Hey.” Blaine replied, leaning up and kissing him softly. Kurt still can't believe it. The other boys pass by like it's a normal occurrence that two boys are kissing in the halls (and it kind of is – now that they'd acknowledged their feelings for each other, they kiss in the halls quite frequently), and Kurt can't help but think that for all it's faults (and Dalton has it’s faults), that it's the best thing about going to school there.

Next to Blaine, of course.

Life's about damn near perfect now – his dad is happy with Carole, Finn is Finn (and still missing Rachel, but Kurt kind of thinks it's both their faults, so he's trying to stay out of it), and school is great for once...and then there's Blaine.

The best thing to happen to him, maybe ever.

He leans down to kiss Blaine again, and that's when it happens.

A gun shot rang out, someone screamed, and one word permeated the air in a devastating cry.



The first shot goes in the ceiling. It's enough to make some one scream, to the part the crowd, to make the students (the boys) at Dalton stop and stare, and back up, or try to run.

The second shot goes in the shoulder of an Asian boy stupid enough to try and rush him.

Dave can't have that.

He's here for one thing, and one thing only...and he's not leaving until he gets it.

“Hummel!” He cried out, his voice broken and tinged with desperation. He can't take this anymore. It's...killing him inside.

Kurt stands up slowly as the rest of the boys in the lobby hit the ground.

“Kurt, no.” Blaine hisses, grabbing his arm. They stare over where the crowd has parted now, and there's Dave Karofsky, gun in his hand, Wes at his feet, bleeding on the floor.

“He shot Wes, Blaine.” Kurt shook off his boyfriend's grip. “I have to. I can't let anyone else get hurt.”

“Hummel!” Dave shouts again, waving the gun around as he searched for Kurt among the sea of red and navy blue blazers.

“Here.” Kurt says loudly, and Dave's eyes lock on him. He moves quickly towards Kurt, and Blaine gets up off the floor as well, so he's standing next to Kurt when Dave stops in front of them. The gun is pointed right at Kurt, but he steels himself and doesn't flinch. Showing fear will not help.

He can see boys behind Karofsky moving quietly toward Wes, getting him up and leading him away. He hopes that he can keep the football player distracted long enough for them get Wes medical help, for the police to be called.

“What do you want, Karofsky?” Kurt asks softly. He feels Blaine take his hand, and hopes that Karofsky doesn't notice – because he seems to have come unhinged, and it's hard to say what would set him off at this point.

“To get you out of my head!” Dave exclaims, waving the gun around. More and more boys are filtering slowly out of the lobby, and Kurt knows that if he can just keep Karofsky talking, there's a chance that Wes will be the only one injured. “I thought with you gone, it would get better.” He cocked the gun, pointing it right at Kurt and swallowing hard. “But it didn't.”

“And your solution is to kill me?” Kurt can't believe his voice didn't shake. Maybe it's the adrenaline.

“I don't know what else to do.” Krofsky gasps out, the gun shaking his hand.

“Sometimes it's harder to accept yourself than for other people to accept you.” Blaine speaks up, and Kurt's insides freeze as Karofsky points the gun at Blaine instead.


“Don't!” Kurt cries, sounding panicked. Karofsky knows it's because he's pointing a gun at Kurt's boyfriend, and that makes him angry. “Dave, please.” Karofsky gapes at Kurt. The boy actually used his first name. He can't remember the last time anyone called him Dave.

“Just give me a reason, hobbit.” Karofsky sneers at Blaine, and turns the gun back onto Kurt, whose eyes widen.

“You don't want to do this.” Kurt insists. “I can help you.”

“Help me?” Karofsky repeats, the words coming out strangled, and he feels a tear leak from the corner of one of his eyes. Shame floods through him, and it hurts to admit that he wants Kurt's help, badly. He can't live like this anymore.

“Yes, help you.” Kurt tells him. “All you have to do is put the gun down.”

“I -” Karofsky starts to say, and then the loud sound of sirens fills the air.


Kurt knows it's over when the sirens heralding the police fill the nearly silent corridor. The rest of the boys have managed to sneak away, and for that Kurt is grateful. No one else needs to get hurt. He wishes that Blaine had gone too, but he knows his boyfriend – Blaine wouldn't leave him here with Karofsky.

Something flashes in Karfosky's eyes at the sound, and he cocks the gun. Kurt's mouth goes dry.

This is it.

This is the end.

He never thought he’d die this way.

His grip on Blaine's hand tightens and his eyes slip closed as the gun fires.

Kurt hits the ground with a hard thump, the wind knocked out of him. Blaine’s lying on top of him, and Kurt's eyes fly open when Blaine doesn't get off of him right away.

“Blaine?” He says, scared now, uncaring where Karofsky is or if he still has the gun because it's Blaine, and he's not moving. Kurt rolls Blaine off him, and onto his back. Blood is pooling on the floor now, soaking the knees of Kurt's pants, coming from somewhere in Blaine's right shoulder. His boyfriend is unconscious, and paler than even Kurt. “Blaine!” He cries again.

“Get up, Hummel.” Kurt hears the gun cock again. He ignores it, tears filling his eyes, because nothing else matters if Blaine is dead.

“Just leave me alone, Karofsky.” Kurt whispers. “Blaine, please.”

“I said 'get up'!” Karofsky shouts as he pulls on Kurt's arm. Kurt struggles away from him, but it's no use, because Karofsky is stronger than him, and Blaine might be dead, and he can't seem to breathe.

“Haven't you done enough?” Kurt hisses, struggling. “Just go!”


“You're coming with me.” Krofsky didn't mean for any of this to happen. He's not sure how he even got here. Watching Kurt cry over that boy is just too much, and he can't take it anymore.

“Freeze!” There's a cop at the end of the hallway, his gun pointed at Krofsky. Dave jerks on Kurt's arm, pulling Kurt against him, his back to Dave's chest. Karofsky puts the gun to Kurt's head.

“Don't come any closer!” Dave shouts. “I'll do it!” And he would too, if it meant that this feeling inside would stop. In fact, he's thinking that might be the only way for it to stop. For it to end.

He has to end it.


Karofsky shoves him into the driver’s seat of his car, shoving him over until he falls into a heap in the passenger’s seat. The cops are in the lot, their guns trained on Karofsky, Karofsky with his gun trained on Kurt.

It doesn’t feel real. This can’t possibly be happening to him.

Kurt bites his lip as Karofsky holds his hand out for the keys. All he can think about his Blaine, lying in the hallway, not moving.

He hands his keys over without a word, tears burning against his eyelids.

“Please…just…let me go.” Kurt begs as Karofsky starts the Navigator up, and peels out of the parking lot. The SUV goes flying around a corner and Kurt is flung against the door of the car. He hurriedly fastens his seat belt.

The cops are behind them, sirens wailing and lights flashing. Kurt has an iron grip on the door handle, and he’s really debating just throwing the door open and throwing himself out.

At least then he’d be dying on his own terms.


Karofsky is panicking. He hadn’t thought this out. He never expected the cops to get involved.

All he knows is that he needs to be alone with Kurt somewhere long enough to think – to figure out what it is he needs to do.

Anything to stop these feelings.

He makes several turns, trying to lose the cops, but they are diligent. He’s panicking now – he has to get Kurt alone so he can figure this out. There’s too much noise, and too much going on and he can’t think.

“Dave, please.” Kurt pleads. “Just stop. Just let me out.” He says. “You can keep the damn car, keep going, and just let me go.”

“You don’t get it!” Dave screams, and Kurt jumps back. “You’ll still be in here!” He gestures towards his head with the gun. “No more talking.”


Dave glances at Kurt for a second. He’s trembling, gripping the door. He almost feels bad for scaring him so much, except that this whole thing is Kurt’s fault.

He wouldn’t be here, wouldn’t be having these urges if it wasn’t for Kurt.

One of the cops fires his at the SUV. Kurt shrieks and Dave fires back. The cop fires again, this time hitting a tire, and that’s all it takes for Dave to lose control of the SUV.


Kurt comes to in the hospital. His dad is sitting next to the bed, holding his hand. Carole is in the chair across the room, nursing a cup of coffee, and Finn is passed out on the pull out couch thingy that all hospitals seem to have.

“Kurt?” His dad’s gravelly voice fills his ears, and he thinks it’s maybe the best sound he’s ever heard.

“Dad?” His voice sounds all weird, and his tongue feels thick. Carole is on her feet, standing next to his dad now.

“Hi, Sweetie.” She says, covering their joined hands with her own.

“What…what happened?” He manages to get out.

“What’s the last thing you remember?” Burt asks.

“Karofsky...there was a gun...” Kurt trails off. “No!” He shoots straight up in bed, ignoring the waves of dizziness that wash over him, and tries to get down.

“What are you doing?” Carole stops him, but the noise has woken Finn up, and his stepbrother is watching them with confusion on his face.

“Blaine.” Kurt gasps out. “He shot Blaine, and Wes.”

“We know.” Carole forces him to lie back down. Kurt is crying now, tears falling down his cheeks. “They’re both going to be fine.”



Kurt doesn’t remember lying back down or unconsciousness over taking him.


The second time he wakes up there’s a different group of people in the room. Kurt feels clearer headed, and he registers that Mercedes is the one holding his hand, and Finn is sitting in the chair that Carole had been in the night before.

“Hey.” He says quietly, getting their attention.

“Don’t you ‘hey’ me.” Mercedes glares, but Kurt knows she’s not mad – she’s scared.

“How are you feeling, Bro?” Finn speaks up.

“Better.” Kurt replies. “Where’s Dad and Carole?”

“Mom took Burt for breakfast.” Kurt nods. That’s good. His dad needs to eat properly. “Have you heard anything else about -“

Someone knocks on the door, cutting him off.

“Come in.” Kurt calls out. The first thing he sees is Blaine, in a wheelchair, being pushed in by a nurse. Kurt can’t help but cry again when he sees him, because although he looks really pale, Blaine looks fine.

“I’d hug you, but the nurse will skin me alive if I get up.” Blaine laughs, once he’s been pushed to the bed, and the wheels are locked in place. He immediately takes Kurt’s other hand.

“You’re okay.” Kurt breathes. “I was so scared. You wouldn’t wake up.”

“I woke up in the ambulance.” Blaine tells him. “No one would tell me what happened to you.” His voice cracks. “I drove myself crazy watching the news last night, waiting for any word.”

“How’s Wes?” Kurt asks. Blaine smiles.

“He’s fine.” Blaine lets out a laugh. “He was discharged early this morning, and he’s already being heralded the hero of Dalton.”

“He and his gavel must be loving that.” They exchanged grins. “David’s about ready to throttle him though.”



Later, Kurt’s finally alone. He’s chased off his friends, sent his parent and Finn to dinner, and Blaine has gone back to his room to rest.

Kurt can’t stop thinking about Karofsky and what happened. The whole thing keeps replaying in his mind, Wes and Blaine getting shot, the SUV careening off the road…Karofsky’s haunted eyes.

The tv is on in the background, and Kurt notices that they’re talking about what happened (again), and turns it up. There’s some psychologist being interviewed, the reporter trying to get him to answer why Karofsky would have done this.

He gives a few answers but only one sticks with Kurt.

“It’s hard to say, really. He might have just snapped.”

Tags: authors/artists: s, length: one-shot, media: fanfic, rating: r
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