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"Don't they get together in the end?"

The best damned Glee community
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Kurt and Blaine on Glee!

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Welcome to kurt_blaine, the ship that enjoys frolicking through the halls in slow motion and feeding glitter to Very Symbolic™ canaries. This is your place to find fic, art, videos, pictures, interviews, spoilers, and more related to Kurt, Blaine, and how totally awesome they are.
1. NO CHARACTER BASHING. Please read this to make sure you know what we will and will not accept.

2. SPOILER POLICY All spoilers must be behind a cut, including icon teasers and fic summaries. Something is considered a spoiler until a week after the episode airs.

3. Double Posting Only one post is allowed for polls, events, and interviews (comment on the original post if you have new content). If you are posting fic/art/etc make only one post per day or consolidate chapters/artwork/etc into one post.

4. Discussions We're fine with discussions that may arise, but remember that you won’t always agree with everyone and not everyone will agree with you. No character bashing, flaming, wank-baiting, or general assholery will be tolerated.

5. Stay On Topic Anything you post here must be relevant to either Kurt, Blaine, Chris, or Darren (there are general Glee comms for news about other characters/actors). Kurt/Blaine or Chris/Darren must be included as a pairing in any fanworks, though other pairings and threesomes are also allowed.

6. Tags An untagged post is nobody's friend; please tag your posts appropriately. Page-a-mod if you think we need a new one, or if you need an author/artist tag.

7. Downloads All downloads must be locked to the community. This includes fanmixes.

8. Headers Please standardize your header and use a LJ cut (go here to learn how). This is the recommended format:

9. Promos All community promotions, including those for RPs, must be approved by a mod first. Page us if you have any questions.