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Fic: The one where they are all porn stars. (2/3)

Media: Ficton
Title: The one where they are all porn stars. 2/3
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None I think
Warnings: Cracky. Not!Cracky. A fic about porn that has now just turned into real porn. Woobie!Blaine.
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine, Kurt/OMC, Blaine/OMC, various other.

Summary: Kurt hadn’t exactly thought all his years of flawless skincare and strict dieting would lead to the porn industry but sometimes the Powers that Be rolled trick dice.

This fic has warped into three parts. I'm so sorry. I'm a little late with this part but it did get betaed by my wonderful friend who is amazing so hopefully less mistakes (and I think I spelled everyone's name right :D ) Thank you for all the reviews, I really didn't think people would like it as much as they did. I hope this doesn't disappoint!

Part 1 


“I’m not sure whether I’m impressed by this cover or confused about why you like the gay version of Rachel,” Mercedes said that night as she looked over the XXIX edition of Dalton Academy. Blaine stood right at the front dressed in the Dalton uniform with his hair gelled down to perfection and the spotlight on him. Behind him in a V-formation were other cast members only they were naked except for their Dalton ties. Their hands were clasped around erect penises and the shadows hid their faces.

“Take that back,” Kurt snatched the DVD from her in horror. “He is nothing like Rachel! It’s not his fault he’s so talented, of course they are going to feature him!”

Tina rolled her eyes as she walked in with two bowls of popcorn. They were in their small apartment on the wrong side of the tracks. Mercedes had the biggest bedroom so they were piled on her bed ready to watch and oogle.

“Extra butter, Mercedes,” Tina handed over one of the bowls. “Air-popped lightly salted for Kurt.”

“Is Shue still on you for your weight?” Kurt asked sympathetically.

“Yeah, he wants his curvy black woman curvy,” she grinned and winked. “It means all the tots I can eat for the next week.”

“Let’s start,” Tina took the DVD from Kurt and went to put it in the machine. “I’ve been dying for some hot boy-on-boy action.”

The thing is, Dalton Academy was actually pretty good. The filters and lighting used were first rate. The dialogue was pretty direct but Kurt had to compliment David on his casting choices. The boys were extremely good looking and their acting was much smoother and convincing than in most porn.

The first half an hour was spent catching viewers up on what happened in XXVIII (“It’s like a really porny, gay soap opera,” Tina said excitedly and Kurt shushed her as Garth reached around to finish Richard off during their make up scene after Richard had slept with Nick.). Blaine’s name had come up several times but so far there had been no sign of the star himself. Garth and Richard shared a sloppy kiss then quickly pulled on their clothes to rush to class.

Kurt pointed excitedly when they rushed into the French classroom. “That’s where we had the meeting yesterday! See, that’s the desk!”

“Here’s what I don’t understand,” Tina reached into Kurt’s nearly untouched popcorn. “How can Dalton Films advertise itself as ‘the real thing’ when those uniforms are so obviously porn.”

Mercedes giggled. “I was thinking the same thing.”

“What do you mean?” Kurt frowned.

“Red piping? No real prep school uniform has something that gaudy,” Tina pointed. “It looks like a uniform trying to be a uniform.”

“Shh, here comes Blaine!”

Blaine entered the classroom and the camera focused on him for a minute. Mercedes and Tina threw popcorn at Kurt when he blocked their view. Blaine’s lips were swollen and he was out of breath. He had a cattish grin on his face as he sauntered in obviously late and took a seat at the back. His shirt wasn’t buttoned properly and his tie was much too loose. His hair was also a little more unkempt than usual.

“Warbler Blaine,” the teacher, a youngish looking man with a French accent, almost growled at the front of the class and Blaine smiled shamelessly.

Je m’excuse monsieur,” Blaine said and Kurt fell off the bed.

“See me after school.”

“We can live in Paris,” Kurt said dreamily from the floor. “And have a summer home in Nice.”

David and Wes were in this scene with Blaine and Kurt was quick to point them out to Tina and Mercedes.

“That’s the third time this week,” Wes hissed at Blaine. “He’s not going to let this one slide. You might be the golden boy around here but not everyone is going to bend over for you forever.”

“I usually do the bending,” and suddenly Kurt realised that Blaine probably wrote most of his own lines. He decided quietly that when they lived in France and had several children running around their summer home by the beach and winter chalet in the Alps, he would do the talking for the family.

There was a few more minutes of inane dialogue that Kurt knew would never happen in New Directions and Mercedes yawned. Finally, the film jumped to the end of class and Blaine left David and Wes alone in the room.

“Hell yes,” Tina turned up the volume as Wes shoved David down in his chair and climbed onto his lap. “Interracial.”

“Without a white guy,” Mercedes and Tina shared a high five.

Eventually, after the David and Wes scene that insured Kurt would never be able to look at the brown dildo again, and a cafeteria scene with Derek and a very bendy blonde, Kurt was started to fall asleep.

“I can’t believe we are almost half way through and I haven’t seen Blaine naked once,” Kurt grumbled. “No wonder they haven’t been selling well.”

“I’m really enjoying it actually,” Tina sounded surprised. “It’s not my usual taste.”

“Not enough leather?” Kurt drawled and Tina reached over the edge of the bed to give him a professional smack. He yelped and scooted the pillow he had propped up under his head over so he was out of reach.

“The romance,” Tina retorted. “Usually it doesn’t do anything for me.”

Mercedes nodded. “I like my sex with my own brand of sass. But this isn’t so bad. I kind of want to see if Wes will ask David to the prom.”

Then the last bell of the day rang and Kurt shushed them again as Blaine’s nervous face appeared on the screen.

“You asked to see me, sir?” Blaine looked into an office and the French teacher from before nodded at him to enter.

“I can’t let you get away without punishment anymore, Warbler Blaine. Close the door,” the teacher stood up walked around the desk. Blaine obediently closed the door with a loud click. “What do you think your punishment should be?”

“I trust your judgement, sir,” Blaine said and lowered his eyes and Kurt found himself squirming a little. Mercedes paused, a piece of popcorn halfway to her mouth. Tina gaped at the screen.

“Hot damn,” she said.

“I know your reputation, Warbler Blaine,” the teacher smirked. “Your records from your previous school aren’t sealed.”

“Neither are my lips,” and Kurt decided that Blaine was definitely never speaking when they were married. There was no soundtrack besides the gasps and breathy moans from the teacher as Blaine gave him one of the hottest blowjobs Kurt had ever seen on film. The teacher leaned back on the desk, his dark pants around his ankles and he grasped at the back of Blaine’s neck and shoulders. Blaine had shed the blazer before coming into the office and the teacher pulled his navy sweater up until the white shirt came untucked and Kurt could see skin.

Eventually, Blaine was ordered to clasp his hands behind his back and the teacher thrust in and out of Blaine’s mouth. Blaine, for his part, took it easily, naturally, tilting his head so the teacher could get a good angle and looked up at the teacher, the camera (Kurt) with dark hooded eyes. The teacher cupped Blaine’s cheeks with his thumbs and breathed out, “I can feel myself in you,” and Kurt could see his cock stroking the inside of Blaine’s cheeks.

“I- uh, I’ll be right back,” Kurt rushed out of the room, flushing at Mercedes and Tina’s howling laughter.

“Holy crap,” Kurt only managed a few dozen strokes in the bathroom before coming messily in his hand. He braced himself against the sink with his other hand and looked up at his flushed face in shock. That hadn’t happened since high school. He worked in the porn industry now. As a porn star! He was about to be headlined in a major porn film. This was a professional embarrassment. He swallowed and washed his hands then splashed his face with cold water.

Tin and Mercedes made enough loud and inappropriate jokes throughout the rest of the movie that Kurt couldn’t even think about rushing off again. Every time Blaine bent over or knelt down for a new teacher, administrator, or the security guard that one time, Kurt placed a pillow over his lap and steadfastly ignored the girls’ offer to lend him a hand, or a Fleshlight.

Because he was so distracted, it was Tina who started to noticed the development as Blaine was shoved face first into a soft pillow of the Prefect’s bed and whimpered with each solid spank. “Is he crying?”

Kurt launched himself at the screen, this time not caring if he blocked their view. It wasn’t like it had been during the scene (stupid scene) Kurt had witnessed, but his eyes were definitely brighter and it didn’t look like it was in a good way.

“Oh my God,” Kurt settled back on his heels. “Blaine cries during sex. He’s going to cry during sex when we have sex! He’s going to cry when we have sex in France and it’s not going to be sexy at all!”

Tina patted his head sympathetically but Mercedes smacked him a second later. “Don’t be stupid! He’s acting! Warbler Blaine, not Blaine Blaine is crying during sex you moron! Haven’t you been paying attention to the movie at all? He’s feeling worthless and used because the only way he knows how to get ahead is to sleep his way to the top. He really only wants what David and Wes have.”

Kurt looked even more horrified. “A daddy fetish?”

“A relationship!” Mercedes yelled in a commanding tone and Kurt had to stop himself from kneeling at her feet and licking her feet for forgiveness. There were some days he really missed New Directions, he decided.


Kurt arrived at work one day a little harried and while he didn’t exactly glare at Wes when he handed him the revisions to the daily schedule it was a close call. It was cold outside, too cold for his complexion, and he knew he was red and splotchy right now. His outfit was fabulous. He had on amazing dark skinny pants with slouched leather ankle boots fresh off the runway. His jacket was ash grey and gorgeous with hand-woven tassels paired with an artfully draped deep red crocheted scarf. But now the red brought out his skin in the wrong way, his eyes were pink from the stinging Ohio wind and when he had stepped out of the way of a stroller he had stepped right into a slushy puddle.

“Brad has the flu today so we are shooting some different scenes to compensate,” Wes said as he handed him a manila folder and Kurt still couldn’t look him in the eye after knowing what he could do with his tongue. “Blaine will be in shortly but you might want to get ready for the setup.”

“Wait, I’m shooting with Blaine today?”

Suddenly his boots didn’t seem like such a big deal.

“We’re all rooting for you,” Wes said and patted him on his elbow. His hand lingered and stroked Kurt’s bicep a little. “Is this 100% cashmere?”

“From Italy,” Kurt preened. “Early birthday present. My shirt is from the same designer.”

And that’s how Blaine stepped off the elevator and saw Wes stroking Kurt’s chest and both of them making deep, throaty noises.

“What’s going on guys?” he asked and Kurt smiled a greeting. Blaine glanced from his red, splotchy face to where Wes’s hands were currently stroking at his nipples to see if they would show through the fabric.

“Our schedules got switched around, Brad got the flu!” Kurt grinned and cursed his pale skin. He wished he had at least taken off his scarf at least so the redness wouldn’t stand out as much. “I can’t wait!”

“Yes,” Wes finally pulled his hands from Kurt’s body and reached for another manila folder on the reception. He handed it to Blaine. “I’m sorry we’re shooting so out of sequence but we can’t lose any production time.”

Kurt couldn’t help but notice that Blaine looked distracted as they changed into their uniforms. He hoped it was because of the jeans. He had spent a lot of time picking them out. He was silent though, which was odd, and Kurt hoped it was just because he had missed breakfast again.

“So I watched the movie last night,” he said, trying to start a conversation as he tucked his shirt into his open pants. “Great work by the way. Tina and Mercedes were really impressed. It really takes a good effort to impress them without a harness swing.”

“I’m glad,” Blaine said and pulled his pants up. He had his back turned to Kurt as he did them up. “Did you want to grab food after this? If you’re busy with Wes or David or something it’s fine if you can’t.”

Kurt paused from his Winsdor knot. “Um, no I’m free. I don’t really hang out with Wes or David after work.”

“Oh, okay,” Blaine turned and flashed Kurt the first real smile of the morning. He walked over as Kurt pulled on his blazer. He reached out and Kurt sucked in a breath as his fingers grazed his neck. Then he reached down and tugged at his tie. “Sorry, it was a little crooked.”

“Thanks,” Kurt remembered to breathe again and barely managed to hold back a sigh as Blaine turned to grab his own tie. At least he would be having sex with him later, and dinner. Perhaps it was in the wrong order but it was a start.

They were in the dorm room again which was one of Kurt’s favourite sets. It was comfortable and didn’t give him rug burn. Wes, Thad and David were gathered around the camera speaking intently with the one of the crew. Kurt gave Blaine a confused look, something that was becoming a habit. Blaine shrugged and greeted the other crew member. They took the lighting tests and Kurt definitely didn’t need help getting ready for the scene. Blaine’s hands were warm and comforting on his hips as he pressed in behind Kurt and Wes adjusted their positions. Finally, things were all set and they both went to their first marks.


“I can’t believe you!” Kurt was a little proud of his acting skills. He hadn’t thought his background in musical theatre would come in handy when he started at New Directions but it was great to be exercising a skill he had spent a few years perfecting. “With Gareth too? You know how fragile he is with Richard!”

“Don’t worry, I slept with Richard as well,” Blaine shrugged but he looked tense. “I missed algebra and he takes great notes.”

“And you missed algebra because the Dean had questions about your scholarship application, which you and I both know is legitimate,” Kurt felt his face start to flush and he wasn’t sure if it was just the acting or the way Blaine was starting to look at him (like last night, with his lips stretched over-). “When are you going to stop throwing yourself around Blaine? You matter!”

Blaine snorted and broke his gaze. “It’s just good fun. And if people want to keep giving me things I want, why should I stop?”

This part of the scene said that Kurt should reach out, grab Blaine, say a line and kiss him until they fell on the bed. Kurt reached out and shouted, “Because I don’t want them touching you, because you may not think it matters, but it does because it’s not just fun Blaine, it does things to you!” and now he was supposed to kiss him, fall on the bed, say ‘I want to do those things to you’ but suddenly Blaine was on him, pushing him back into the side table, knocking the lamp down, then against the wall. Kurt clutched at his shoulders to stay up, dizzily waiting for one of the three directors in the room to call cut. But nothing happened except for Blaine’s tongue, and Blaine’s thigh-

“Urh,” Kurt managed to grunt against Blaine’s mouth. Blaine’s hands were leaving bruises on his hips and now his mouth moved to leave bruises on his neck, his jaw. Kurt hitched his hips as much as he could in Blaine’s hands until his weight was mostly held by Blaine’s thigh and the poorly constructed wall behind him. His hands scrabbled at Blaine’s pants and Blaine moved one hand from Kurt to rip at his buttons.

“Brg, urh, ahu, bed,” Kurt managed to grunt out as the felt the wall creak under his weight (fucking frappaccinos).

He pushed at Blaine who was still rock hard and tensely grinding against him. Either the word or the movement registered and he pulled Kurt’s tie tight like a leash. He walked backwards, keeping them as close as possible until he fell back on the bed with Kurt landing a little too hard on top of him.

“Sorry, sorry,” Kurt muttered and tried to move some of his weight up but Blaine wrapped his legs around Kurt, opening his hips and pulling him in closer, deeper.

“No, no sorry,” and that was Blaine’s sex voice and it wasn’t anything like the video.

Kurt had managed to get his belt open but his pants were still closed and their blazers were twisted and confining. Frustrated, Kurt ripped at the wool until the button popped off and he threw it one handed off to the side. Blaine hadn’t released his tie yet and was sliding his tongue broadly from his collar to his ear.

“Pants, pants, pants,” despite Blaine’s distressed noises Kurt pulled away enough so he could open first Blaine’s button and zipper before he fought with his own belt. Blaine seemed to realise that no pants was a good idea and between both their clumsy hands the pants opened and the white shirt Kurt had painstakingly tucked in was tugged up. Blaine pulled Kurt out and stroked like he had before, the first day they had met, in tight, small jerks and Kurt couldn’t help it, he couldn’t help it, and came, shooting thick and white against Blaine’s dark blazer, some landing on his tie and collar.

“Oh my God,” Kurt shot backwards, his pants slipping further down until he grabbed them. “Oh my God, I can’t believe that just-”

“Kurt, come back,” Blaine panted, still a little dazed and confused. “Please-”

“Blaine, I just, I just-”

Blaine sat up, his cock red and hard, Kurt’s cum still white and streaked up his front. He yanked off the blazer, the tie and let his pants fall as he struggled to kick his shoes off. “Kurt, please, just come back, please-”

Kurt couldn’t say no, not when Blaine said it like that (and no one was calling cut, why weren’t they calling cut?). He kicked off his own shoes, grateful he wasn’t wearing any footwear with zippers, and tumbled back onto Blaine on the bed.

He let Blaine roll them until he was underneath. Blaine had Kurt’s shirt mostly open from the bottom and was licking a stripe along the his smooth stomach. He grabbed onto the belt still looped through Kurt’s pants and pulled all the material down to Kurt’s knees.

“I can suck you, you can fuck me, I’ll make it good for you-”

And that was the script and suddenly Kurt didn’t want those words. “No, Blaine, please, you can inside me, I don’t need anything from you okay? I just want you.”

There was a blur of clothing as Blaine pulled Kurt’s pants the rest of the way off (“Socks, too, please, it’s really tacky,” Kurt managed to say before Blaine silenced him with a laughing kiss and obligingly pulled off the socks.) and stripped off his shirt.

There was a lot of kissing and frantic hands and Kurt hadn’t had sex like this ever. High school had been full of rushed encounters in closets and dark corners with a high risk of danger. College had been little better. Then porn had happened and he was constantly worried about proper angles, too much spit, belly rolls and sweating. Even when he dated, the men he slept with always seemed to have expectations when they found out about his line of work. It had never been like this; the rush and adrenaline were out of desperation rather than fear or exhibitionism.

Blaine slicked himself up and Kurt could only tell because one hand started to brush against his skin as the tip of Blaine’s cock nudged against his hip leaving lines of lube. Kurt let out a panted whine as a slippery finger circled him before sliding smoothly in. He didn’t need much, Blaine knew that, he had probably seen enough dailies to know at least that, but Blaine seemed to enjoy the way Kurt couldn’t help but curl into his chest and pant out encouragements.

“I need, condom,” Blaine whispered and went to move away but Kurt grabbed at the hand inside of him.

“It’s okay, I mean, we’re clean right? And I really don’t want you to leave-”

Blaine paused, tensed and Kurt wondered if this was when one of the council was going to step in but the moment stayed frozen then passed. Blaine moved and pressed Kurt hard against the mattresses by kissing him so deeply Kurt thought he might choke (most delicious death ever).

“Okay, okay,” Blaine pulled away breathless and pulled his fingers out so he could line up and start to push steadily into Kurt. Kurt couldn’t help it, he scraped at Blaine’s bare chest with his fingernails and let out a high pitched whine. There was the drag of skin on skin, the heat of Blaine pushing inside; Kurt was hard again. Blaine pulled his knees, which had been pressing under Blaine’s arms, over his shoulders and pushed them down. He tilted Kurt up to an amazing angle and the move gave him access to Blaine’s mouth again.

He was shaking, he knew he was, his hands were clenching and trembling against Blaine’s chest. Blaine grabbed them and pulled his wrists to either side of Kurt’s head. The pressure grounded him and he was able to open his eyes again. Blaine was right there, his face hovering right over his. His hair had only been loosely styled that day and his eyes were warm with a smile wrinkling the corners.

“I think I love you,” Blaine said dazed and while it wasn’t part of the script it was part of the sex and Kurt leaned up to kiss him sloppily before he could say anything else.

Blaine started to move and Kurt’s world was reduced to the friction, the pressure and the sparks of pleasure that seemed to run from Blaine inside of him all the way to the tips of his toes and fingers.

He was definitely hard again but Blaine kept his hands pinned to the bed. He was leaning his weight on Kurt’s wrists and their hips rocked together at a rough, sloppy pace that was miles away from the way both of them usually performed on screen. It was so much better though, but then suddenly Blaine tensed and bucked unexpectedly into Kurt. He bit down hard on Kurt’s collar which was the only thing that kept him from breaking Kurt’s skin with his teeth. He gave a low, deep groan and his hips stuttered a few more times before he relaxed his full weight onto Kurt.

“I can’t believe I just did that,” Blaine said shakily into Kurt’s shirt. “I’ve never, ever done that. Kurt, I’m so sorry-”

“It’s okay,” Kurt rocked up and rubbed himself against Blaine’s coarse stomach. “Really, it’s okay, I just still need-”

“Yeah,” Blaine pulled back and then pulled out slowly and Kurt bucked and whined as he withdrew.

Kurt had never really bare backed before so the sensation was new but not unwelcome. Blaine reached a hand to touch Kurt and pull at him. “Do you want to-” Blaine paused and swallowed. “I mean, not like I meant before, but if you want to fuck me you can. I’m all ready prepared for it and everything.” Blaine trailed off. Kurt panted, still a little breathless (France, babies, amillionmoreorgasms).

“Turn over,” Kurt sat up and Blaine almost threw himself flat on his stomach beside him. Kurt didn’t waste any time straddling him and kneading the flesh laid out in front of him. His shirt was a mess and his tie was starting to be a hindrance. He pulled them both off and dropped them, not really caring where they ended up. He felt a little more in control but the sight of Blaine’s tanned back and the almost nervous sideways look he shot over his shoulder was enough to make him reach for the lube near Blaine hip with shaking fingers.

Blaine was prepared all ready. It was a pretty common thing to do at Dalton because their scenes were usually straight to the point and it helped in the editing process. Kurt spread some over his own cock then leaned over Blaine, balancing on one hand as the other guided himself in.

He wasn’t going to last long, he realised almost right away. Blaine was a champion in the porn industry for a reason and he clenched perfectly around Kurt. His first orgasm may have taken the edge off but with Blaine’s cum still slick between his thighs, Blaine open and yielding beneath him, and a whole lot of tension filled coffee dates his threshold was definitely weakened.

“You feel so good,” Kurt managed to mutter as he moved steadily, trying to make himself last more than a minute. “Is this okay?” It wasn’t Kurt first time doing this but his experience was largely skewed to the opposite role.

“Yeah,” Blaine’s voice was drawn out and stuttered in time with Kurt’s rhythm. “So good. You can, harder, if you want- ah!”

Kurt flattened himself over Blaine’s body and wrapped his arms around Blaine’s shoulders. He cradled his head, panting in his curls and used the hold to steady Blaine’s body as he increased his pace and power.

Blaine was yelling now and it sounded like he was sobbing. His head was tilted to the side and Kurt could suddenly taste salty tears. Abruptly, he released his hold, pulled out a little too harshly and with only one hand to squeeze, he came again, this time all over Blaine’s bare skin. He stroked himself through it, trying to make it last as long as possible as Blaine shuddered below him, trying to turn around. Kurt kept him pinned as he watched the lines of white, thinner than before but still prominent against the tanned skin, land on Blaine.

Finally, he was finished and managed to tilt sideways before collapsing on the bed beside Blaine.

Blaine reached over to touch his face and bring their mouths together in a wet kiss that was more tongue than lip as their breathing slowed and Kurt felt his heart start to beat in a more normal rhythm.


Both jumped a little and glanced back to where Wes was grinning broadly and David and Thad stared at them open mouthed. One of the camera crew members raised a digital camera and snapped a picture.

“I think that’s a wrap, don’t you?” Wes turned to David who swallowed and nodded.

Blaine looked at Kurt. His eyes were dilated and puffy. His face was open and exposed and Kurt wanted nothing more than to reach over, kiss him back onto the bed and rub against him until they could do it all over again. Instead, with a willpower he didn’t know he possessed, he slid off the bed and took one of the puffy robes hanging neatly behind the camera. He passed the other to Blaine who was still staring at him with the same naked expression.

“Shower? Coffee?” Kurt managed to keep his voice normal. “I found this new place but we’ll have to take your car.”

“Kurt-” Blaine started but then stood up and took the robe. “Coffee, okay.”

Part 3
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