March 11th, 2011

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Criss/Colfer RPF Drabble

Media: RPF
Title: Eagle-Eye View
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers (If any): spoiler tweets relating to 2x17
Warnings (If any): None
Word Count: 217
Summary: While all of the cameras are focused on Rachel Berry’s latest diva drama on stage, Chris is straddling Darren’s lap in the uncomfortable auditorium seats.
Author's Note: I posted this on Tumblr earlier because someone was in desperate need of Criss/Colfer fic. So, I thought I should share it at the Comm! Unbeta'ed, just a silly little drabble.


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Fic: One-Eighty By Summer

Media: Fanfic
Title: One-Eighty By Summer
Rating: R
Spoilers: Inspired by something said in 2x15, but otherwise none!
Warnings: Slight future!fic, underage drinking, language, OC!blow-job
Word Count: 4,508
Summary: It's senior year and Kurt has yet to experience anything sexual in the way that he'd like to. Blaine and Kurt are just friends, and at a party, Kurt is determined to live up his senior year before high school's all over. Lessons are learned, mistakes are made, and for curious cats, it ends in fluff.
A/N: I wrote this waiting for song spoilers. Obviously, I have a life.

Live up to your first impression
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Fic: When Worlds Collide (1/?) (Kurt/Darren) (Blaine/Chris)

Media: Fanfic
Title: When Worlds Collide 
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Speculation based on vague spoilers. 
Warnings: RPF, Crack-ish, Unbeta'd, Fandom!Dalton. Speaking of which, I'm looking for a beta for this little project. Let me know if you wanna help a girl out. :) (Also, my sanity.. has anyone seen it?)
Summary: Chris Colfer is stuck in the Glee-verse. Meanwhile, Kurt Hummel finds himself in L.A. 
A/N: I've never written RPF, but I thought it was a fun prompt. Humor me. Or something. Filling this at [info]glee_angst_meme.

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Fic: Dalton Academy: A Strange New World (24/?)

Title: Dalton Academy: A Strange New World
Genre: Romance, humor, friendship, general
Pairing: Klaine
Rating: PG  - PG-13
Spoilers: none. set Post-Furt using a few things up to the Superbowl episode.
Summary: Kurt is stepping into a whole new world whether he is ready for it or not. After all, behind the face of structure, tradition, and well mannered boys there is chaos just waiting to be unearthed.

Chapter Twenty Four

Chapter One

Fic: Lend a Helping Hand [1/1]

Media: Fic
Title: Lend a Helping Hand
Author: sleepinnude 
Rating: R
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Phonesex?
Word Count: 1980
Summary: It’s two in the morning and Blaine’s phone is ringing.
AN: So. This happened. I'm a total Kurt, guys. Like, I practically wrote this peering through splayed fingers. But, um, here it is. *drops fic and runs to hide*

read it here @ my LJ :]
Glee - Gleeks Together

Gleekathon: Two ficlets

Sunday, March 6th - day 501 - The Xtraordinary Xceed Xpectations
Media: Fic
Title: The Xtraordinary Xceed Xpectations
Rating: G
Spoilers: None, pre-series
Word Count: 932
Summary: [ABCs 2.0; Blaine, Klaine*] He wasn't always a Warbler... he wasn't always who he'd become... But he remembers.

Monday, March 7th - day 502 - You Yell, You Yell, Yearn
Media: Fic
Title: You Yell, You Yell, You Yearn
Rating: G
Spoilers: 208 Furt
Word Count: 958
Summary: [ABCs 2.0; Kurt, Klaine*] Sitting in the principal's office across the Karofsky men, Kurt gets a clearer picture.

* Companion pieces featuring Kurt and Blaine individually but belonging together in relating to them as a pairing... you'll see :)
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Fic: Sriracha and the Benefit of a Warm Compress

Sriracha and the Benefit of a Warm Compress
Author: Regala Electra
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Rating: R
Spoilers: S2 Sexy
Warnings: Language, Sexual Content
Word Count: 2,780
Summary: A life of awkward starts and stops is par for the course.
Author's Notes: Originally this was going to be a few "day in the life" moments, happy hurt/comfort and all that jazz. Then Kurt started looking at certain pamphlets. One day, I will re-kindle my porn-fu but for today, here's Kurt working on finding his groove.

( Typing into Google: help me, my fantasies about my really attractive friend are spiraling out of control now that I’m over-educating myself on things I’m not really all that prepared for, plus, how do I know whether or not I have a gag reflex? seems a waste of time. )

Babylon (Scholars and Gentlemen 'Verse)

Title: Babylon (Scholars & Gentlemen ‘verse)
Author: Mary Flanner
Rating: R
Word Count: ~7000 (all three parts)
Warnings: Awkward sex (no, really), singing, cheesiness (no, really), road trips, guilt trips.  Allusions to character death.  Allusions to violence.
Fandom/Pairing: Glee. Kurt/Blaine.
Disclaimer: Not mine, no dime.
Spoilers: None, really.

Notes: Part of the Scholars and Gentlemen universe.  Takes place during/after How It Ends (Part 1, Part 2).  Probably should be read to get this.  Also takes into account the beautiful parallel world of How It Ends: Kurt’s Perspective bynielrian , whose voice is in my head as I write.


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Weekly Rec Post - Numéro Dix-Huit


It's time for WEEKLY REC POST #18!! \o/

There is no week 17, because we had two weeks 16s and I'm even worse at math than Mr. Kurt A-Box-Has-4-Sides Hummel. Except mine was obviously intentional, because Kurt has been 16 for two seasons now. WE WERE PAYING HOMAGE YOU GUYS.

Rules and stuff and stuff:
  • Try to keep your recs centered around Kurt, Blaine, Chris Colfer, or Darren Criss, simply in the spirit of the community!
  • Don't bash other peoples' recs/opinions/GIFs, okay? Just don't do it. Remember: this is a community for love, not hate. Check out the bashing policy here.
  • Feel free to rec as much as you want! Whether it's a fic that was posted today or a fic posted way back in October, everything Klaine is kosher here!
  • Make sure you leave a title, rating, status (either WIP or finished) and author when you rec. If you want, go ahead and gush over why you love it.
  • All types of rec are absolutely acceptable! Fic, art, fanmix, graphics, slushie flavor, favorite Kurt outfit. GO WILD.
  • Feel free to request recs if you're looking for something specific! (Also, if you see a request for something that you know you've seen, help a brother out, yeah?)
  • Remember that when you read a rec that you really enjoyed, thank the reccer and please leave a comment on the fic as well. It's just something nice to do and makes everyone feel really good. :)
  • Remember that some recs may contain spoilers. Try to mention any for future episodes when you rec, and be sure to read headers!

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Fic: When Worlds Collide (2/?)

Media: Fanfic
Title: When Worlds Collide
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Speculation based on vague spoilers.
Warnings: RPF, Crack-ish, Mentions of zombies and disposing of bodies?
Summary:  Chris Colfer is stuck in the Glee-verse. Meanwhile, Kurt Hummel finds himself in L.A.
Currently, he was talking animately about his plans in the event of a zombie apocalypse. From time to time, Kurt would respond with a non-committal nod or 'mmhm,' not entirely sure what Chris Colfer's view were on zombie apocalypse preparedness.

A/N: A small reference to infraredphaeton 's SPAH-verse in this chapter. For everyone that has asked, yes, this is Darren/Kurt friendship. :)
The feedback from part one was so awesome. (So awesome that you get part two tonight. Blame spring break.) Enjoy. :)
And a special thanks to my beta, [info]valentina_says

Part One

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Here's another interview with Artisan news. Obviously done at the musicares event. There's a sweet bit with the Warblers and Darren lets us know how he is going to prepare for tour :-)

[Random observation is random, but I love his PR rep, the guy in the background, who always seems very laid back and chill, in direct contrast to puppy Darren :-P]

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Prompt Post Two!


1. Crack, kink, angst, fluff, RPF, G to NC-17; it's all fine.

2. Please give your prompt a subject line; it makes it so much easier to track the post. I'd recommend something like Crack AU Kurt & Blaine Go To Whitecastle or Kink K/Bl + S/P or Episode 2.08 spoilers K/Bl slow dancing. You can post in your own journal or wherever and give a link back in the comments if you prefer.

2a. If you're making a fill, please indicate FILL: Story name (part/total) IN THE SUBJECT LINE.

3. Don't be a jerk about prompts. If you don't like a prompt, scroll on by or make a counter-prompt of your own. We will ruthlessly delete anything that seems rude.

4. Don't feel limited to stories - prompt for fic, fanmixes, videos and other media as well! We have some really talented people in this community, and they love making stuff!

5. All the other comm rules apply too.

6. If you're looking for inspiration for a story, check out the old post; there are plenty of unfilled prompts there as well!