April 16th, 2011

Discussion Post: A Request for Assistance.

 As some of you might know, I am the co-moderator for a soon to be premiered Kurt/Blaine NC-17 community. We are currently working on creating graphics and find ourselves in need of assistance. If you could provide us with links to good quality pictures of Kurt, Blaine or Kurt and Blaine looking "sexy" we would greatly appreciate it. 

Please, no animated .gifs or pictures of the actors outside the auspices of the show. Thank you for your time.

Fic: Perfect (10b/12)

Title: Perfect (10b/12)
Author: foreternityblue
Pairing: Blaine/Kurt
Rating: R
Chapter Word Count: 3, 316
Previous Chapter: June
Next Chapter: N/A
Chapter One: September
Kurt Hummel hates his monotonic, boring, routine life just as much as he hates the ignorant idiots at his high school. Things never change for him--until one September day, when he makes an abrupt decision to pull into that old coffee shop for some reason. One person, Blaine Anderson, is added to his daily schedule, and he finds it just a little more bearable... AU Klaine; told over a year.

"... when you find out their imperfections and still think that they're the most perfect person in the world... you know that you truly love that person..."

Author's Note: I'm late on posting this last part of chapter ten, I know, and I'm so bothered by that, but oh well. Maybe I should stop uploading things so late at night/early in the morning... I'll probably be back on a regular posting schedule tomorrow. 1:48 am isn't really a good time to be doing this...

Immutability #1: Light in the Loafers - 15/?

TITLE: Light in the Loafers
SERIES: Immutability and Other Sins #1
RATING: R for language and possibly a sexual situation or two
PAIRINGS: Klaine, with some Fuinn and references to Quick (on par with Season 1 of canon)
WARNINGS: AU, homophobia, racism, probably some sexism...it was the 1950s, you can guess.
SUMMARY: When Kurt enrolled at Dalton Academy in the fall of 1959, he thought he was merely biding his time until his cowtown caught up to the rest of the state. Instead he met a beautiful boy and got a lot more than he bargained for.
DISCLAIMERS: The characters are not mine.

Read hereI
I see you

Fic: The one where they are all porn stars. (2/3)

Media: Ficton
Title: The one where they are all porn stars. 2/3
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None I think
Warnings: Cracky. Not!Cracky. A fic about porn that has now just turned into real porn. Woobie!Blaine.
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine, Kurt/OMC, Blaine/OMC, various other.

Summary: Kurt hadn’t exactly thought all his years of flawless skincare and strict dieting would lead to the porn industry but sometimes the Powers that Be rolled trick dice.

This fic has warped into three parts. I'm so sorry. I'm a little late with this part but it did get betaed by my wonderful friend who is amazing so hopefully less mistakes (and I think I spelled everyone's name right :D ) Thank you for all the reviews, I really didn't think people would like it as much as they did. I hope this doesn't disappoint!

Part 1 

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Part 3

Fic: 'Invisible' (4/8)

Media: Fic
Title: Invisible [4/8?]
Rating: R
Pairings: Klaine
Spoilers: To 'Special Education'. Also references to a detail of Blaine's past learned in 'Sexy'.
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1300/15000+ words
Summary: Blaine at McKinley AU. Blaine had to transfer. There was no question about that. There was no point breaking into his college fund for a school like Dalton, though, when he could just transfer to another public school and keep his head down and not try so hard to stand out.

Notes: I have most of this written, so I'll hopefully be able to post a part every day so that it's all up by the end of haitus.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Blaine couldn’t go back. )

Fic: The Most Awkward Conversation Ever

Title: The Most Awkward Conversation Ever
Author: Fabrisse
Word Count: ~ 2100
Pairing: Kurt Hummel/Blaine Anderson, Finn Hudson/Quinn Fabray, mention of Finn/Rachel
Summary: Vienna 'verse. Finn and Kurt decide how to split the time with their significant others while Carole and Burt are out of town. Then Finn asks about sex.
Author note: This is a prequel of sorts to the series. The other stories are While I'm Gone, While I'm Gone, part II, Vienna Waits for You, Father of a Teenaged Boy, and Postcards from Vienna (and Lima).

Disclaimer: I put them back when I finished playing with them.
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New Comm: Klaine_Asia

This past week, thanks to one Warblers CD, I found out I'm no longer alone in my love for Klaine in this country. With that in mind, I went ahead and created this... sub-comm, I like to call it... for any and all Klaine fans in Asia.


I'm still in the middle of setting it up and stuff (don't even have a banner or icons yet, I need more hours in my day), but I hope folks will still join... and though it's a place mainly for us Asian fans, we're nothing if not inclusive, so just about anyone is welcome.

I hope no one gets the wrong idea. I set it up mainly as a place for those of us in this region to organize meetups, share info and sightings of things like magazines (especially foreign ones), CDs, DVDs, etc; organize group orders perhaps; as a way to help those of us on this side of the world coordinate show timings with the US, and in general as a place to interact and meet other fans close by.

And hey, anyone who's thinking of visiting this side of the world, this is a great way to find other Klaine fans to show you around their country, ne?

I know I probably haven't explained it all really well (I'm in a tearing hurry even now) so if anyone has questions, please leave a comment, I will answer as soon as I can!

posted with mod permission. Thanks!
Telly Leung as Angel (Hollywood Bowl)

Fic: A Little Help from My Friends

Media: Fic
Title: A Little Help from My Friends
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Some mild swearing, boys making out.
Word Count: 4500

Pairing: Kurt/Blaine, Kurt/Wes/Blaine
Summary: Wes has been unusually irritable lately, and the Warblers are getting worried. When Kurt and Blaine find out the reason for Wes' strange behavior, it is not something they ever would have suspected.

This started out as a fill for a prompt by wildejoy  at the one-sentence meme that got way, WAY out of hand.

Read it here!

First time poster, may I have an author tag?
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of headphones and skin tight black jeans

Title: Of Headphones and Skin Tight Black Jeans
Author: Rebecka
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Rating: PG
Summary: Kurt goes over to Blaine's house for a Saturday dinner. This is what happens when he shows up a little early.
Inspired by: Follow you home, you've got your headphones on and you're dancing, and just the general happiness of the song Say Goodnight and Go by Imogen Heap.

H E R E @ chandlerinas

[fic] Creative Outlets

Darren's fab hat

Bret Easton Ellis is a douchebag to Darren and Chris

Have you seen this?
Its okay to hate Glee.... (hell, I used to dislike it too...go figure!)
Why does a high profile author feel the need to post hateful tweets about gays, Chris and Darren?
The tweets about Chris are particularly crass and disgusting. Basically victimizing Chris because he is gay. Innapropriate comments about It Gets Better and H.I.V.
He sounds like a homophobe from the 70s. DISGUSTING.
Can anyone explain to em what the empire/post empire thing means?
I think we should all bombard him with angry tweets.

Dunno how to "cut" the tweets. They are the top 4-5 ones: http://twitter.com/#!/BretEastonEllis
twd, Daryl

Fic: To Be Seen 1/2

Media: Fic
Title: To Be Seen
Rating: R
Pairings: Kurt, Blaine, Hudmels; pre-Klaine
Spoilers: takes place between Special Education and A Very Glee Christmas
Warnings: attempted suicide, depression
Word Count: 5,482 (part one)
Summary: Kurt finds himself in a very dark place, balanced on a precipice without someone to pull him away.  
A/N: I am extremely nervous about sharing this fic. It has a very close personal meaning, and it feels like I just ripped myself open to show off my soul.  Erm... I hope you enjoy :)

Part One at my journal


FanArt; Klaine+Cats

Hello, everyone. I've been lurking here for awhile, and now I want to share my fanart with you, guys. I'm fairly new to LJ, and I'm still easily confused, so please tell me if I did something wrong, and I'll fix it.
Media: fanart
Rating: G or PG, I think
Warning: none
Title: KlaineCats
I should now ask for an artist tag, right? Even though maybe I just post this one time?


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for decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse 3/6

Title: for decisions and revisions (which a minute will reverse)
Media: fanfic
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Rating: T (rating might go up in a later chapter)
Disclaimer: Glee, Kurt, and Blaine all belong to FOX.
Summary: Five ways that Kurt and Blaine didn't meet, and the one way they did.
Spoilers: Eventually through 2x16, "Original Song," but not until Ch. 6
Notes: This will be a six chapter story, but it's important to realize that each chapter is an AU in its own right and completely unrelated to the chapters that come before and after. It's a fanfic comprised of six one-shots. The title comes from the poem "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" by T.S. Eliot.
CONFESSION TIME: I haven't read the seventh Harry Potter book. I barely read the sixth, so I have only a vague idea of who died and who didn't. I'm a terrible person, I know! There are a few references to not-so-major characters in the HP verse. Also, I'm American. My obsession with all things British is laughable, at best, and I apologize in advance if the British-ness seems totally unbelievable. I was originally going to make Blaine from Scotland, and then I was like WHOA, LADY, YOU'VE BEEN THERE FOR LIKE THREE HOURS YOU DON'T KNOW THE FIRST DAMN THING ABOUT HOW SCOTTISH PEOPLE TALK. But, I do know how Geordies talk, considering I lived in Newcastle for over three months last year, so I decided to work with what I knew. If you don't know what a Geordie accent really sounds like, I tried to describe it, but you're better off with YouTube, haha. I also promised myself I wouldn't post this chapter until I had finished another one, but IDEK I couldn't help myself.

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