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Fic: Scarlet and Gray (One-shot)

Media: Fic
Title: Scarlet and Gray
Genre: Au, Slight Angst, Smut
Rating: R-NC-17
Warnings: Language and smut
Spoilers: Through 2.10 AVGC
Characters: Blaine/Kurt, Burt/Carole
Disclaimer: Glee and it's characters are not mine, no matter how much I enjoy playing with them. :)
Summary: Blaine is totally obsessed with the Ohio State Buckeyes, and gets some bad news.
Author's Note: I originally intended this to be cracky (and it might still be), but also to help me deal with this OSU news I received on Thursday. Please follow the link here as it explains why Blaine is so upset at the beginning of the story. Having said that, Blaine insisted on having a potty mouth and Kurt insisted on being turned on by it, so this kinda delved into smut territory, so...Merry Christmas? :D

Edited as of 8-21-11.


Kurt looked up, shocked.

“No fucking way.” Blaine's voice. Blaine was swearing. Blaine was swearing in front of Kurt's dad.

It was the day before Christmas Eve. Blaine had stopped by to see Kurt, both boys out on break from school, both having gone home for the holidays. Blaine, procrastinator that he was, had left his gift wrapping to the last minute, and had pleaded with Kurt to help him out. Kurt, unable to say no to anything Blaine asks him, readily agreed. Besides, it meant that Blaine would have to come over, and he would have to stay until Kurt was done.

At last check, Kurt had been wrapping the same present for at least twenty minutes. Blaine had been sitting with him at first, filling out the gift tags, but then something on tv had caught his attention, and he'd gone to join Kurt's dad in front of the machine. Somehow that had all lead up to Blaine saying “fuck” in front of Kurt's dad. Kurt's eyes bugged as his head shot up and he stared at his boyfriend. They'd only been officially dating for a week or so, Kurt had only known him for a few months (felt like years), and he'd never, ever heard Blaine use that word.

Except maybe in Kurt's wildest fantasies, but none of those had ever included his dad.

“What the hell were those kids thinking?” Burt was talking now, sounding angry.

Okay, whatever was going on was pissing both Blaine and his dad off...which could only mean one thing.

It's an OSU thing. A Buckeye thing. A football thing.

Because Blaine and Burt had bonded over college football. Kurt was shocked, the first time he brought Blaine home, and the two men instantly hit it off once that subject had been broached. Kurt thought back to the dinner he and Blaine had had with Mercedes before he'd transferred schools and let out a chuckle.

Blaine's “I'm a college football fan, I like the Buckeyes” nonchalant subject of discussion was just the tip of the iceberg.

Blaine didn't just like the Buckeyes. He was obsessed with them.

He basically stopped short of painting his face on game day. Kurt hasn't actually seen this himself, as the season was nearly over by the time he and Blaine had met – but Wes and David, in an effort to make him feel welcome, had totally sold Blaine out (with pictures and video) – so Kurt probably shouldn't be so shocked at his boyfriends language, but he was.

It was also causing really uncomfortable sensations in his groin, because as much as he'd decided he liked it when Blaine says that word -

“Fucking hell.”

Kurt jumps as he said it again, and thought how great it would be if Blaine would say that word again, but not with his dad in the room.

“Where was the coach when this was going on?” Burt demanded, watching as channel ten cut to a live press conference at the school.

“Five fucking games?” Blaine cried out a minute later, and Kurt bites back a whimper. Blaine really needed to stop saying that word. Carole came in from the other room, having heard the exclamations, took one look at Burt and Blaine, and turned the tv off before Burt realized that she had the remote.

“Hey!” Burt exclaims, turning to his wife.

“I'm thinking about your blood pressure,” she said, putting a hand on his arm gently. “Why don't we get out of here for a bit? You can help me with some last minute shopping.”

It was with a grumble that Burt let Carole talk him into his coat and then they were out the door before Kurt could blink. He knew that his dad must be really upset about whatever was going at the press conference, because he didn't even remind Kurt there were no boys allowed in his and Finn's room when they weren't home.

Blaine, for his part, was still sitting on the couch, looking shell shocked.

Kurt abandoned the present he's just pretending to wrap at this point and approached his boyfriend.

“Come on,” Kurt said, grabbing Blaine's hand and leading him downstairs to his room. Blaine was muttering under his breath the whole time, something about NCAA rules and Kurt couldn't really care less. “Blaine.”

That got his boyfriend's attention, and Kurt took advantage of it long enough to lean in and kiss him. Blaine kisses back after a second, but it wasn't like their usual kisses, and Kurt could tell that Blaine was still distracted. He doubled his efforts, moving toward Blaine's neck, using his lips and teeth and tongue. When Blaine groaned in his ear, that was when Kurt knew he had his boyfriend back.

Kurt pushed Blaine lightly down on his bed, and Kurt took a second to just look at him (because there was a boy on his bed), before climbing on the bed next to him and straddling his lap.

They'd barely made out since they started dating – what with curfew the last few days of school before break, and then the two hour drive time between their houses that meant not a lot of time spent together, so Kurt figured they had some things to make up for.

In no time at all, Kurt had lost his shirt, and Blaine's was is pushed up to his armpits. Blaine's pants had been unfastened but that was as far as that had gone, because Kurt was rocking against him, and they were both moaning and gasping into each others mouths.

“Fuck, Kurt,” Blaine groaned, right in Kurt's ear, and Kurt actually shuddered.

Yeah, this is a little more like his fantasies. He moved a little faster, ground himself a little harder against Blaine.

Blaine jerked suddenly underneath him, and it took Kurt a second to realize what happened.

“Fuck,” Blaine muttered quietly, his face flushed, one of his hands pushing his hair out of his face. Kurt had managed to get his hands into it, and the strands had rebuffed Blaine's overuse of hair gel and were falling in gentle curls across Blaine's forehead. Kurt's erection was still straining against his pants, but he stopped moving, caught up in Blaine and the fact that he'd just given his first boyfriend an orgasm.



He did that.

The rush he got from that was kind of heady, and it wasn't until Blaine said his name that Kurt saw Blaine staring up at him. He seemed to know what Kurt needed without Kurt having to say anything, because then Blaine was palming him through his jeans, and Kurt resumed rocking, letting out a gasp.

“Fuck, Kurt,” Blaine murmured.

And that was all it took. Kurt was lost in a sea of sensation, pleasure sweeping over him and he couldn't even bring himself to care that he just came all over his designer jeans.

He'll care in the morning, maybe, but for now, cuddled in Blaine's arms, life is pretty damn good.

And if college football was what it took to rile Blaine up enough that this happened again, Kurt thought he might have to reconsider his opinion on the sport.

Fuck, he'd paint himself scarlet and gray if he had to.

Tags: authors/artists: s, media: fanfic, rating: nc-17
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