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Fic: Happy New Year (One-Shot)

Media: Fic
Title: Happy New Year (Sequel to Scarlet and Gray)
Genre: AU, Smut
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Language and smut
Spoilers: Through 2.10 AVGC
Characters: Blaine/Kurt
Disclaimer: Glee and it's characters are not mine, no matter how much I enjoy playing with them. :)
Summary: Ever since Kurt let Blaine know how much he likes it when Blaine says a certain word, Blaine's wanted to Kurt to say it too...and he finally does.
Author's Note: It's pretty much pure smutty goodness. Happy New Year! No painting though...I couldn't quite bring myself to go there. Yet.

“Say it.”


They were tangled up together in Kurt's bed, and it was hard to tell where one ended and the other began. Blaine honestly never thought they'd get this far, this fast.

It was sort of his own fault, he guessed.

After last week, finding out about OSU and the atrocities involving the football team – well, he sort of lost his head and said somethings in front of Kurt's dad that he probably shouldn't have. After Kurt's step-mom had taken his dad out for the afternoon, Kurt had let him know just how much he'd liked what Blaine had said.

He'd liked it a lot. Blaine smirked, and pressed a kiss to Kurt's lips.

He'd fucking loved it.

Blaine tangled his hands in Kurt's hair, grinding his pelvis into Kurt's, both of them moaning quietly at the sensations it caused.

“You better not mess up my hair,” Kurt murmured against his lips, and Blaine smiled before kissing him again.

“Say it then.”

“No,” Kurt replied. “I don't really even like that word.”

Blaine couldn't help but chuckle. He'd decided, after last week, after Kurt finding his repeated use of the word “fuck” such a turn on, that he has to hear Kurt say it. Just once.

Kurt had refused. He'd refused earlier in the week when Blaine had called to say hi and the phone call had somehow delved into phone sex. Blaine had said it again though, and if Kurt's reaction was anything to go by, Blaine would be saying it a lot more.

He was refusing to say it now, despite Blaine being there in person and using all of his wiles to convince him. It had become this idea that Blaine can't get out of his head. Blaine had to hear him say it. It was driving him crazy.

“Please,” Blaine whispered in Kurt's ear, laying gentle kissing along the side of Kurt's neck before tracing his ear with the tip of his tongue.

“Blaine,” Kurt said, probably intending it to be a reprimand, but it came out as a shaky gasp and Blaine couldn't help but love the effect he had on his boyfriend.

Suddenly they were kissing and touching and moaning, moving against each other frantically. Blaine wasn't sure who'd made the first move, but Kurt had his shirt off now and Blaine was busy marking up every piece of alabaster skin his mouth could find.

Kurt slipped his hand under Blaine's shirt, finding a nipple with his fingers and pinching it, making Blaine jerk against him.

“Off,” Kurt breathed, and Blaine sat up a little, obediently raising his arms. Kurt lifted Blaine's shirt over his head, and Blaine shuddered as Kurt let his finger tips trail along Blaine's skin in the process.

“Fuck, please,” Blaine moaned, capturing Kurt's lips again. “Please say it.” Kurt's gasped against his mouth as Blaine ground hard against him. Kurt mewled, actually fucking mewled, and Blaine thought it was the hottest thing he'd ever heard. So he told him that. “So fucking hot.”

He paused for just a second then, slowing down his grinding, his hands resting at the waist band of Kurt's jeans. They were probably a designer label, but Blaine couldn't care less – all he knew is that they made Kurt's ass look amazing and he wanted to take them off right the fuck now.

Kurt wasn't stopping him, so Blaine took that as permission and unfastened them, reaching his hand inside past the silk boxers his boyfriend is wearing, and finally brushing his fingers along Kurt's cock.

Kurt was gasping now, little pants of air that are brushing the top of Blaine's head as he concentrates, running his fingers along Kurt's length. Kurt's fingertips were digging into his arms, and Blaine could feel the tiny crescent moon shaped marks being made on his skin, but he didn't really care because Kurt was practically writhing underneath him and moaning his name.

Blaine started stroking, his hand firmly gripping Kurt's hard member, using the pre-come leaking from the tip to ease the friction. He'd never done this to anyone but himself and he hoped he was doing it right, though judging from Kurt's reaction, he had a pretty good idea that he was.

He was so hard he ached, but he forgot about that the minute Kurt started to shake, because Blaine knew that meant he was close.

Blaine kept stroking him, leaning down and whispering in Kurt's ear.

The tv in the background, on since they came downstairs – not that either one of them had bothered to watch it – played music as the countdown to the new year starts.

Twenty seconds.

“Please,” Blaine whispered, begging now. “Please, Kurt.” Kurt jerks up, his orgasm sweeping through him.

“Oh, fuck,” It's quiet, and Blaine wasn't sure he'd heard him, but that was okay because Kurt said it again, a little louder. “Fuck.” Kurt was trembling now, but Blaine didn't notice because he was too busy attacking Kurt's mouth with his own.

Ten seconds.

Kurt's hand found the front of Blaine's pants and rubbed. There's a light in Kurt's eyes, a knowledge there now, and he looked like he was drunk on power when Blaine stared into them.

“I didn't know,” he murmured, squeezing Blaine through his pants and making him jerk.

“Please,” Blaine gasped out. He's so fucking close. He just needs to hear it one more time.

Five seconds.

“Fuck,” Kurt whispered, and Blaine fell over the edge, his mouth and Kurt's meeting just as the clock strikes midnight.

Happy fucking New Year, indeed.

Tags: authors/artists: s, media: fanfic, rating: nc-17
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