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Well, it’s finally here! After a month of hard work from our participants, it’s time for me to unveil all of the amazing fic, art, and video! Every day, I’ll be posting 5-6 fic, video, or art for everyone to enjoy.

First thing’s first, though: the February schedule!

February 4th - February 24th Fics, art, and video are posted
February 4th - March 3rd Comment Frenzy
March 4th Creator reveals
March 5th Comment Frenzy Winners announced

What’s Comment Frenzy, you might ask? It’s a way for the entire community to participate in this exchange instead of just passively watching it. Essentially, Comment Frenzy is a raffle where each comment you make gives you a raffle ticket. At the end of Comment Frenzy, I’ll assign each comment a number and use a random number generator to decide the winner.

Along with a raffle winner, the mods and I will also be keeping an eye out for the most thoughtful comment which will also get a prize.

HOWEVER, there are rules. To make this run as smoothly as possible, I have to be pretty strict about it.

1) To be eligible, you MUST be a member of the community for the entire period of comment frenzy. You do not need to friend the community.
2) You must comment below with “I would like to participate in comment frenzy.” Anyone who does not sign up will not have their comments tallied.
3) Every time you make a comment on a submission that you would like to include as a raffle ticket, you MUST put, “COMMENT FRENZY” in the SUBJECT of your comment. Any comments that do not include the subject will not be counted.
4) All valid comments must be at least three sentences long. Acronyms such as OMG and keysmashes do not count as sentences even if you finish them with a punctuation mark.
5) Comments made past 11PM EST on March 3rd (4AM UTC/GMT March 4th) will not count towards comment frenzy.
6) Comments that fail to comply to the rules of the community will not count as a raffle ticket. Any member who repeatedly breaks the rules will be removed from the contest.

The raffle prize will be a 6 month paid account or a 2 month paid account with 70 extra user icons or something of equal or lesser value.

That’s all for now. Enjoy and have fun! The first five things will be posted later this afternoon. :) If you have any questions, PM Pyroclastic (NOT this account!) or leave it below.
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