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From about the blind item

Thursday we posted about Michael Ausiello's blind item about a gay character on a hit show at least wondering if he might be bisexual after an encounter with a member of the opposite sex.

A source I can reasonably believe to be reliable got in touch with me to say that they know the gay character in question is ... Blaine on Glee.

Which would mean that just as I suspected, the blind item wasn't exactly fair. Blaine is a confirmed bachelor? At age seventeen? As for the female fans "... who’ve long wished the character played for their team," Blaine first showed up on Glee last November. Three months is a long time?


If this is true, however — and I do caution folks to take it with a salt — I think a lot of folks are going to be PO'd. While it's important to wait and actually see the episode and how the issue is handled, I think Glee is playing with some risky stuff here.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love a bisexual male character on U.S. network TV, but I think having Blaine think he's bi for an episode (and the blind item makes it sound like the character will decide they aren't by the end of the ep) potentially sends a really confusing message about the sexuality of gay and bisexual men. After all, Glee has presented Blaine as a very out and proud gay teen, and while I totally buy he's not as smooth and confident as he seemed before last week's episode, I don't buy that his character suddenly thinks he's interested in women.

That's not how it usually works for most gay guys. (Please note, I said "most.")

But being attracted to both men and women is how it usually works for bisexual men, but given how biphobic society is, that side of themselves is usually repressed, except for occasionally acting on those impulses. You know, like for a single episode.

Which means if it is Glee that has this particular storyline, it's too bad the writers didn't make one of the apparently straight male characters think they are bisexual. (Glee, like so many many other shows, has already had female characters demonstrate bisexual interest.) Frankly, it seems much more likely that Finn, Sam, Artie, Puck or even Mr. Schue would be more bicurious than Blaine. After all, if they are bisexual, it's much easier for them to not deal with the side of themselves interested in guys by repressing that aspect.

Yet it's the gay character who is confused?

That's too bad as many straight people already think gay people are confused when the fact of the matter is that it seems much less likely that someone like Blaine would be uncertain of his being gay.

But what do you think? Please note, NO SPOILERS in your subject line please! They will be edited out and if you do more than once you might have your account suspended.

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